TRD Trucking

Average $1,950 A Week @ 3K Miles OTR Position

  • Starting Pay is 60 Cents Per Mile
  • Auto Raise to 65 Cents Per Mile after 30 Days
  • Average 2700 – 3300 MPW
  • 5,000 SIGN ON BONUS
  • Benefits with Free Dental and Vision
  • Out 14 Days Home 3
  • Out 21 Days Home 5
  • Out 28 Days Home 6
  • Out 35 Plus Home 7 Days

New 2022 or 2023 Freightliner Cascadia NOW

  • APUs
  • Inverters
  • Refrigerator

NEVER EARN LESS THAN $1950 PER WEEK, when you log 3K weekly miles
All No Touch Drop and Hook Freight
1,000.00 Referral Bonus
Rider Policy
Call 908 357 2276 Press 1

  • 1 Year Verifiable CDL A Experience
  • Must Have Tanker Endorsement
  • Must Be Willing to Stay Out for a Minimum of 14 Days at a Time
  • Must Meet FMCSA Requirements

Beyond the many job benefits previously mentioned above for truck driving jobs, there are several other appealing opportunities for truckers living in Jersey City. Bordering several major ports and population hubs, New Jersey has several new and ongoing for opportunities for truck drivers whether driving out of state or right into New York City.

TRD Trucking
Moving Forward with TRD Trucking
TRD Trucking Inc., maintains a fleet in Linden, NJ, Vineland, NJ, Baltimore, MD and New Hampton, IA. The diversity of locations assists us in providing many alternatives to help you with your Bulk Liquid Freight, and to make sure that your deliveries all arrive On-Time.
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Company Drivers

The information below provides insight into how working as a Company Driver may meet your expected lifestyle, work into your long-term career plans, and provide the working environment you seek.

What is Company Driver?

Company Drivers are employed by specific companies that maintain its own fleet of trucks. Company Drivers are can be separated into 2 categories: (1) drivers working for trucking carriers that exist for the sole purpose of transporting freight of others, or (2) drivers working for companies that carry its own freight to support its own company’s product or service. Company drivers are in high demand, particular among large carriers.

What are some personal characteristics helpful for Company Drivers?

Aside from the personal characteristics needed to be a good truck driver, a Company Driver can be representing a company with thousands of workers in the US and internationally. Therefore, it is helpful for a Company Driver to keep a happy, helpful demeanor both to the general public and customers. Likewise, reliability, honesty, integrity, and self-motivation is necessary since you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder or directing your every move. No one will tell you when to get out of bed in the morning or when to take a break or stop driving for the day (except the NMCSA, of course!).

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Different types of materials require different types of trailers, and each type of trailer offers drivers its own challenges. Therefore, it is important to understand what is required to not only drive your truck and your freight, but the trailer you are pulling as well.

What is a tanker/fuel transport driver?

Tanker equipment is designed for hauling various types of liquids and gases ranging from water to gasoline to hydrogen or other chemicals. Tankers include trailer used exclusively for the purpose of hauling liquids and flatbed trailers with tanks secured to the trailer.

What characteristics does a tanker driver need?

A tanker driver must accept an extremely high level of responsibility and exercise equally extreme caution when hauling and offloading liquids or gases. Some chemical hauled in tankers can be environmentally-hazardous if released, and other may be deadly — sometime for a considerable distance and requiring evacuations of neighborhoods or business districts. The liability a driver and employer hold when hauling and offloading hazardous materials requires high levels of insurance as well as high premiums. Tanker drivers are not going to be hired if inexperienced or with records of questionable driving behavior.

Tanker drivers must also be detailed in record-keeping. Reading gauges as materials is loaded, hauled, and offloading is important to know how much of a tank’s capacity is delivered to what locations and if gauges indicate leaks. Hazardous material transportation laws can be strict.

What endorsements do tanker drivers need?

Tanker drivers are required to hold the (N) Tanker endorsement, and it is advised to obtain the (H) Hazardous Materials endorsement or (X) Hazardous Material-Tanker combination endorsement. With the endorsement tanker drivers will be limited in the liquids they can haul.

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Truck driving route type vary within the industry and are dependent on several factors including interstate trucking requirements, route planning, type of cargo hauled, frequency, hazardous materials restrictions, driver experience, etc.

Over the Road (OTR) Routes are likely those that most people with minimal knowledge of the trucking industry envision drivers working. OTR routes can be regional with occasional outside of region assignments or they may be cross-country to make one delivery or several along the way. OTR drivers are generally paid by the mile and are on the road for much of the year with limited home time.