Floater Box Truck Driver – Local

Westmore Carriers

What We Offer:

  • $180 Guaranteed Per Day
  • Monday – Saturday
  • 12:30am Start Time
  • Weekends Off

Westmore Carriers is looking for fill in Straight Truck Floater Driver to provide coverage of dedicated delivery routes at the Sioux Falls, SD terminal.
Driver will be responsible for making multiple stops on a dedicated route, with responsibilities including loading and offloading of lift gate box truck and all scanning and dock access needed to complete the route



  • Valid Driver's License
  • Current DOT Medical Card
  • At Least 1 Year Verifiable Box Truck Experience
  • Clean Driving and Criminal Record
  • At Least 21 Years of Age

Along with the job benefits already mentioned for truck driving jobs, there are several other appealing opportunities for truckers residing in Sioux Falls. Located below North Dakota and the upper tier of states bordering Canada provides truckers ample opportunities for international movement of freight. The state is also crossed by a major route between the Northwest Coast and Chicago. South Dakota has long been an agricultural-based economy, but technology is beginning to have an impact and creating several new jobs in trucking.

Westmore Carriers
Heartland Integrity: The Westmore Way
Westmore Carriers is a family owned privately held transportation company with over 25 years experience in the Chicagoland area. A proven commodity within the logistics community, Westmore specialized in unattended overnight deliver of industrial, agricultural and auto parts.
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What is Company Driver?

Company Drivers are employed by specific companies that maintain its own fleet of trucks. Company Drivers are can be separated into 2 categories: (1) drivers working for trucking carriers that exist for the sole purpose of transporting freight of others, or (2) drivers working for companies that carry its own freight to support its own company’s product or service. Company drivers are in high demand, particular among large carriers.

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Aside from the personal characteristics needed to be a good truck driver, a Company Driver can be representing a company with thousands of workers in the US and internationally. Therefore, it is helpful for a Company Driver to keep a happy, helpful demeanor both to the general public and customers. Likewise, reliability, honesty, integrity, and self-motivation is necessary since you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder or directing your every move. No one will tell you when to get out of bed in the morning or when to take a break or stop driving for the day (except the NMCSA, of course!).

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Truck driving route type vary within the industry and are dependent on several factors including interstate trucking requirements, route planning, type of cargo hauled, frequency, hazardous materials restrictions, driver experience, etc.

Local Routes are shorter and cover a smaller (usually local) geographic area. Local Route drivers are home every night and have a regular daily route including several stops to offload cargo. Companies servicing restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and high-volume retail outlets are frequently included in a local route on a daily or semi-regular basis.