Class 8 truck sales climb 7.1% in July compared with June

Among the OEMs, International has the largest year to date gain and the largest gain comparing July 2019 with July 2018. (Courtesy: NAVISTAR)

The analysts keeping saying the industry is going to see a downturn in Class 8 truck sales this year, but a review of July’s activity indicate it (1) isn’t going to happen or (2) in still a way down the highway.

According to Wards Intelligence, July sales totaled 25,164, a 7.1% increase over June sales of 23,500 and 21.9 percent over June 2018 sales of 20,649.

It’s also interesting to note that July 2018 sales were down 3.3% from June 2018.

All OEMs except Mack Truck showed an increase in July 2019 over June 2019 with Volvo leading the way with a 19,.9% gain on sales of 2,486 compared with 2,073 in June. Volvo was the only nameplate with at least a double digit increase.

International posted the largest increase over the same month last year with sales of 3,713 in July 2019 compared with 2,701 in July 2018, a 37.5% increase.

International also has the biggest increase to date in 2019 compared with 2018. Sales thus far in 2019 were 23,333 compared with 16,996 the first six months of 2018 for an increase of 36.7 percent.




  1. Is this even correct information? Just read another article that class 8 orders were down to their lowest levels since 2010 see this here

    Please clarify


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