Mobile app offers resources to improve professional drivers’ health and wellness

man by truck
man by truck
The premium version of the Transflo Mobile+ app will offer a variety of online tools to help drivers stay healthy. The program intensifies 90 days before a driver’s re-certification exam. (iStock photo)

TAMPA, Fla. — Transflo by Pegasus Transtech, specializing in enterprise mobility and business-process automation for the transportation industry, is integrating with Espyr’s Fit to Pass program to reinforce healthy lifestyles for drivers and assist them in passing the DOT re-certification exam. Access to a variety of online tools will be available via the Transflo Mobile+ app as a premium upgrade.
Espyr’s Fit to Pass is a year-round coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers. Ninety days prior to a driver’s DOT re-certification exam, the program intensifies to help them pass the test.
Carriers can now add the Fit to Pass program directly to their fleet’s Transflo Mobile+ app to give their professional drivers these tools within the same mobile app they use for their daily work.
Fit to Pass benefits both drivers and their employers by:

  • Keeping drivers on the road;
  • Helping retain experienced, skilled drivers;
  • Saving on hiring and training new drivers;
  • Reducing driver sick days; and
  • Increasing overall productivity.

Espyr will also be using Transflo as its new tech provider for the platform of its own mobile app.
“We’re elated to be partnering with Transflo to improve the health of professional drivers and help them protect their livelihoods by passing the DOT re-cert exam. Transflo’s customers can now sign up for Fit to Pass and give their drivers immediate and easy access to the program,” said Rick Taweel CEO at Espyr.
“We’re very excited about the partnership with Espyr and believe in the importance of adding driver health as a key component into the Transflo digital ecosystem of solutions,” said Doug Schrier, vice president of product and innovation at Transflo.


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