Spot rates rise ahead of Memorial Day weekend


Spot rates rose ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, DAT Trendline reports.

The number of spot market loads on DAT load boards went up 1.3 percent while truck posts rose 2.2 percent the week ended May 26.

However, the report pointed out, there were still signs of tighter capacity ahead of the holiday weekend.

The national average van rate remained unchanged while both the refrigerated and flatbed rates increased.

Van rates were $2.15 a mile, unchanged; flatbed was $2.73 a mile, up 1 cent; and reefers were up 2 cents at $2.51 a mile, DAT’s weekly brief reported.

Van load posts gained 6 percent while truck posts increased 1 percent, pushing the van load-to-truck ratio 5 percent higher to 7 loads per truck.

The Houston to New Orleans route gained 25 cents to total $3.20 a mile while the Atlanta to Charlotte route was up 29 cents to $3.36 a mile.

Los Angeles outbound spot van freight averaged $2.67 a mile, up 13 cents compared with the previous week and the Los Angeles to Denver route increased 27 cents to an average of $3.25 cents a mile.

Houston showed rates at $2.24 a mile, a gain of 7 cents, while Dallas was also up 7 cents a mile to $2.12 a mile. Memphis went up 9 cents to $2.76 and Atlanta went up 11 cents a mile to $2.55.

DAT reported that the flatbed-to-truck ratios went down to 89.9, but noted that number is still historically high. The number of flatbed load posts fell 4 percent while the truck posts were up 4 percent.

In key lanes, Raleigh to Baltimore was $4.33 a mile, up 57 cents; Dallas to El Paso was $2.07 a mile, down 19 cents; Cleveland to Roanoke was up 20 cents to $4.25 a mile and Las Vegas to Los Angeles was up a whopping 77 cents to $3.93 a mile.




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