TIA CEO Robert Voltmann out as of Sept. 30; Doug Clark takes lead as interim CEO

CEO Robert Voltmann and Doug Clark
CEO Robert Voltmann, left, is leaving TIA effective Sept. 30. Douglas G. Clark, current chair of TIA’s Legacy Committee and former chair of the board of directors, has taken the reigns as interim CEO, effective June 10. (Courtesy: TIA)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Personnel changes are taking place at Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) as long-term president and CEO Robert Voltmann announces he is leaving the organization effective Sept. 30.

Douglas G. Clark, current chair of TIA’s Legacy Committee and former chair of the board of directors, took the reigns as interim CEO, effective June 10.

Voltmann joined TIA as CEO in June 1997. During his 23-year tenure, the organization’s annual budget multiplied by more than 10 times and now stands at $7.5 million. Membership in TIA more than tripled, and the organization now claims to represent nearly 80% of the broker market by value.

In addition, Voltmann helped establish the TIA Political Action Committee to further the group’s lobbying efforts, and the TIA Foundation, which provides educational resources to members. The TIA Services Corp. provides insurance as well as legal guidelines, model contracts and best-practices advice.

No announcement has been made about Voltmann’s future plans. Voltmann commented, “It is time for me to continue to change and grow myself by taking on a new challenge and for TIA to transition to a new leader.”

Voltmann was the subject of much criticism from owner-operators and small business truckers recently as he issued a series of statements, some on video, defending brokers against allegations of price-gouging. Many were angered by his assertion that the carriers are actually to blame for low rates because they accept the rates.

Also at issue was brokers’ evasion of the requirements of 49 CFR 371.3, which mandates that brokers disclose information about the load, including how much they were paid by the customer, when requested by any party to the transaction. Brokers have long avoided doing so by requiring carriers to waive their right to review the information in the contract and/or making review of the contract so difficult as to dissuade review. Truckers were incensed when Voltmann issued a letter to TIA’s membership, advising them to continue the practices.

New interim CEO Doug Clark takes control as accusations of broker malfeasance continue to fester and investigations continue at the U.S. Department of Justice.

In the release announcing Clark’s appointment, he had this to say: “As interim CEO, I am committed to continuing to support policies and strategies that expand our relationships, educate our members and most importantly support, the 3PL industry as a whole.”

Clark, an honorary lifetime member of TIA, has served in multiple roles within the organization. He was also vice president of business development for the Allen Lund Co. until 2016, when he became a transportation consultant.

Clark will serve as interim CEO while the TIA board searches for a permanent replacement.


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