Dynasys unveils 3 new APU products, including update to Gen 2K


ALLIANCE, Neb. – Dynasys, a division of Perrin Manufacturing, has released three new APU products, Dynasys Gen 3K, Dynasys EIS and Dynasys 8kW. All three made-in-America products were unveiled within one year of the firms’ acquisition by Platform Capital.

The Dynasys Gen 3K is the highly anticipated update to the Gen 2K. Popular with owner-operators and fleets alike, the Gen 2K is already known for its powerful cooling capabilities, a 6kW generator head and fuel savings of one gallon per hour while idling. Gen 3K’s modern controller affords complete in-cab control over power and environmental conditions and is also available as a 6kW generator style unit.

The new Dynasys EIS features an automotive-style HVAC. “EIS” stands for Economic Inverter System, reflective of a fuel efficient and low-maintenance design. The Dynasys EIS unit is designed as an option for fleets ranging from 10 to 10,000 tractor trailers.

Dynasys 8kW is a generator-only unit delivering 8 Kilowatts of power. Developed for the specialty truck manufacturer and fleet, the Dynasys 8kW creates a system for each tractor to power any unit from a roof-mount air conditioner to an in-cab water heater. This unit features a direct drive generator that eliminates belt-drive failures and delivers a high volume of power with reduced maintenance issues.

“Our customers and dealers have shared what the industry needs and we have delivered,” stated Pat Crowley, vice president of engineering for Perrin Manufacturing/Dynasys.

“We have been very impressed with the quality and diversity of Dynasys’ new product line,” stated Eric Walls, president of ELW Company, a Dynasys Dealer. “A large portion of our APU business revolves around expeditor type trucks and Dynasys’ 8kW and 6kW generator APU units fill a massive void for this segment of the trucking industry.”


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