EPA says Cummins Inc. voluntarily recalling some 500,000 trucks for faulty emissions system component


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today said Cummins Inc. is voluntarily recalling some 500,000 model year 2010-2015 medium- and heavy-duty trucks for a faulty emissions control component.

The agency said it is the largest voluntary truck emissions recall to date and lauded Cummins for the move, noting that the recall is for a defective part, not illegal software such as emission “defeat devices.”

The medium- and heavy-duty categories include vehicles ranging from larger pickup trucks to vocational vehicles to big rigs, according to EPA.

Trucks subject to the recall have selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems designed to control NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions. The systems are supposed to last the useful life of the vehicle but are wearing out before that, according to an EPA news release.

A Cummins spokesman told Reuters that the recall was in the best interests of its customers and the environment.

The recall will be in two phases, starting in August with heavy-duty trucks and in March 2019 with medium-duty trucks.




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