Geowiz ELD update offers new features, support for FMCSA’s emergency HOS waiver

Electronic logging device
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LAKELAND, Fla. — GeoSpace Labs has released Version 5.0 of its Geowiz ELD (electronic logging device) suite, offering support for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) emergency declaration 2020-002, which was issued March 13.

ELDs are legally required for most motor carriers. These devices track and report the activity of the power unit to law enforcement to ensure compliance with federally mandated safety regulations for drivers and fleets.

GeoSpace Lab’s Geowiz ELD versions 5.0 and higher capture J1939 engine diagnostics, including more than 60 real-time data points and more than 3,800 suspect warning items; provide detailed emissions data for green tracking and compliance; and include modes for motor carriers working in direct support of relief efforts related to COVID-19.

“We were at the end of our QA process on 5.0 when the FMCSA announced the emergency declaration and were lucky enough to be able to include it in this planned release,” said David Lady, CEO of GeoSpace Labs.

“This emergency feature adds the ability to enter an exempt mode when hauling under the COVID-19 2020-002 emergency conditions, which will allow motor carriers to benefit from the installed technology while quickly moving to focus on important relief efforts and helping to successfully address this emergency,” he continued.

GeoSpace has released the 5.0 update into all of its ELD systems at no cost, and the update is available immediately.

“Having ELD technology properly configured eliminates barriers to relief efforts while at the same time continues to build ongoing trust between law enforcement personnel and motor carrier drivers,” Lady concluded.


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