Webasto introduces advancement in coolant heater technology

The Webasto Thermo Top Evo takes coolant heaters to the next level, offering flexible installation, intuitive diagnostics and a quiet heater and fuel delivery system. (Courtesy: WEBASTO)

FENTON, Mich. – Webasto North America, a provider of equipment and vehicle heating and cooling solutions, introduced a new Thermo Top Evo coolant heater. The coolant heater is the latest engine-off heating technologies from Webasto, operating from diesel fuel drawn from the vehicle’s primary fuel tank.

“By using the Webasto Thermo Top Evo pre-heater, fleets can save fuel by reducing idling time, warming engines so they start easier and by avoiding extended engine warm-up times,” Don Kanneth, aftermarket sales director for Webasto North America, said. He stated that the Thermo Top Evo helps decrease fleet maintenance by reducing the strain on emission control devices.

According to Kanneth, the Thermo Top Evo provides for flexible installation, intuitive diagnoses and features a quiet heater and fuel delivery system. With its 8,600–17,200 BTU/h (2.5–5.0 kW) range and ultra-low power consumption, the new coolant heater can pre-heat a variety of vehicles from light-duty commercial vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.

“The Thermo Top Evo’s compact size and features make for easy installation, even in vehicles with limited space. For instance, the coolant inlet and outlet ports on top of the heater rotate 180 degrees, offering flexibility when routing coolant lines,” Kanneth said.

The unit comes with a long fuel line, universal controller harness and mounting bracket. It operates at a high combustion air temperature, allowing flexibility when mounting in an engine compartment.

The pre-heater also allows drivers to read simple fault codes at the controller and make necessary adjustments while on the road. It can be controlled manually or programmed to engage so the engine is warm when the driver arrives.

“Idling the tractor to warm the engine is not just inefficient; it creates a significant amount of noise pollution,” Kanneth said. He stated the new heater reduces noise by 20% over an engine at idle and decreases engine wear, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. A pre-heater can deliver a fast ROI by reducing fuel costs and DPF maintenance.

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