Trucker almost rings the bell at the top of the runaway truck ramp!


A runaway ramp in Colorado really proved to be a necessity when a semi is charging towards it at roughly 80 mph. The trucker keeps his cool and almost goes to the very top of the ramp!
Good job driver.
Courtesy Next with Kyle Clark and Jesse Terrell


  1. Inexperience coupled with poor training, a lack of situational awareness caused this to happen, the posted speed limits for this area are 35 to 45mph. The right road speed, the right gear selection coupled with the jake brake would have allowed a safe desent. You go slow you get to do it again, go too fast and it might just be a 1 time ride. Obtaing a CDL does not mean Qualified … and the industry and government is to blame. The driver is just lucky they did not kill anyone. Skilled … er no, fortunate … yes.


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