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The ripple effects from the impact of the COVID-19 national emergency continue to be felt across all industry verticals within the U.S. and around the world. While the COVID era has further amplified trucking’s standing as an essential service, the industry has not been immune to experiencing some significant changes in the wake of a global pandemic.

As the industry adapts with the times and the country’s economic landscape becomes more challenging for entrepreneurs, two key questions come to mind. Is there still an attainable path to become an owner-operator and starting a trucking business in the COVID era? And, for those entrepreneurs who are currently operating small trucking businesses, is it possible to grow and strengthen your business within the economic headwinds of the day?

The team at Expediter Services (ES) strongly believes that the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes.” In fact, the idea that opportunities exist during a time filled with significant challenges served as part of the inspiration for ES to launch IN-SITE 2020, which is an online transportation market analysis series focused on the needs of independent contract drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners. IN-SITE 2020 also promises to be extremely valuable for those professional drivers who are looking to become truck owners.

Since its founding in 2006, ES has helped a long list of aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dream of becoming owner-operators, growing a business, and achieving success in trucking. IN-SITE 2020, featuring a podcast series, webinars with leading industry experts and access to valuable resources, is being specifically tailored to address the most pressing issues trucking entrepreneurs face during these times.

The first IN-SITE 2020 Webinar, which will take place on July 21, is entitled Trucking in the COVID-19 Era: Starting & Building Your Own Trucking Business. This live, free webinar event will focus on the key business questions found within the current landscape of the industry. The debut webinar in the IN-SITE 2020 series will feature the following expert panel: Ellen Voie, president and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association; Leah Shaver, president and CEO of the National Transportation Institute; Colton Lawrence, president and CEO of Equinox Business Solutions; Jason Williams, president of Expediter Services; Jeff Tacker, the chief operating officer of ES; and Nate Meyer with Stoops Freightliner.

IN-SITE 2020, with its webinars and podcasts, provides an in-depth look at what is happening with opportunities in the trucking industry. IN-SITE 2020 is an extension of the programs offered by ES that have consistently created safe, stable, and profitable capacity for the program participants and the partner fleets in the ES Community.

The ES operational model, which features access to competitive, market-rate financing, state-of-art equipment, industry-leading fuel discounts, a maintenance program and a host of support services, has positioned ES as a proven business-creation engine and as a leader in providing capacity solutions to the trucking industry. One of the eye-catching results seen through the ES operational model is the extremely low annual turnover rate for trucks in the ES Community when compared to industry averages. The total annualized turnover rate in the ES Community since 2012 has remained below 12%.

The comprehensive programs and support available from ES have also proven to hold a diverse appeal, as demonstrated by the fact that women now comprise 38% of the truck owners and independent contract drivers in the ES Community.

If you are currently thinking about becoming an owner-operator or if you are looking for ways to expand your current trucking business, IN-SITE 2020 will be worth your time and attention. You can register for the live webinar events (and replays) in the series and access the IN-SITE 2020 podcasts by clicking on https://essuccessintrucking.com/insite2020/.

Visitors to TheTrucker.com can learn more about ES and IN-SITE 2020 through our featured podcast with Expediter Services President Jason Williams and ES Chief Operating Officer Jeff Tacker. The podcast is available on the player below.

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