Protecting drivers and companies: Drivers Legal Plan provides high-quality, affordable defense for CDL drivers

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Drivers Legal Plan is a national CDL defense law firm dedicated solely to defending CDL drivers and motor carriers against anything that happens on the road. Drivers Legal Plan is the largest CDL law firm in the country, having handled over 375,000 cases with a 95% favorable outcome during the last 28 years.


For commercial drivers, CDL traffic violations can negatively affect a good driving record and may mean the difference between a good paying job and unemployment. Any points on your driving record can affect your CSA score and, in some cases, lead to a CDL Suspension.  A commercial driver’s responsibilities on the road are greater than those enforced on the driver of the average passenger vehicle and, therefore, the penalties for traffic violations are larger. This makes the services offered by Drivers Legal Plan, for driver and company alike, even more essential. Drivers MUST fight to keep all crippling points off their, and the companies, CSA SMS scores.

The basic concept for Drivers Legal Plan is simple — to make the highest quality legal representation available to the driver force and to make it affordable. A $2.98-a-week legal retainer gives a driver access to America’s most experienced CDL defense attorneys. Then, for any moving or non-moving violation, we will defend that ticket for $100. Tickets for Traffic accidents that do not involve loss of life or limb are defended for $250.

All other serious violations such as drugs, alcohol, firearms, smuggling, etc. are quoted on a case-by-case basis with one-third taken off the normal rate. Drivers Legal Plan also includes a free DataQ challenge with every ticket defense it provides. This helps to make Drivers Legal Plan an effective program available to protect both driver and carrier alike. The goal is to protect drivers, which will in turn, protect the company.

For more information, contact Drivers Legal Plan at 405-948-6576 or visit

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  1. Yes I recently got fired for failing a DOT physical I did everything according to Clearing House I took the 12-hour course pass now everywhere I go and try to find a job we got a restriction have you fail a drug test in the past 5 to 7 years I don’t think this right this should be illegal is it possible can you help me


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