California truck stop, Melton Technologies provide free breakfast for truckers

delicious breakfast burrito
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PASO ROBLES, Calif. — Starting today (Wednesday, March 25), truckers who stop by the San Paso Truck Stop, 81 Wellsona Road, will receive a free breakfast. The truck stop, in partnership with Melton Technologies Inc. are providing the service as a “thank you” to the nation’s hardworking drivers.

Each meal will include a breakfast burrito, hot coffee and a thank-you card from San Paso Truck Stop and Melton Technologies Inc.

“You have been helping us for years by visiting our San Paso Truck Stop and buying food, fuel and goodies from us,” said Andy Pham, owner of San Paso Truck Stop in a letter to truckers. “It’s helped a lot. Now our nation is in peril, and it is you, the truckers, who are the backbone for bringing our nation back on its feet again. Who in America knows the hard work you do? WE DO!”

Located just north of U.S. 101, the San Paso Truck Stop has been serving motorists in wine country since the 1950s. Its partner Melton Technologies, a developer of fleet-dispatch technology, has been providing transport technology solutions since 1984.

“Truckers, we thank you for all that you do,” Pham wrote. “Spread the word that you’re appreciated here at San Paso Truck Stop and by our partners at Melton Technologies, and together we’ll all get through this, one breakfast bag and one smiling face at a time. WE LOVE YOU!”



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