Diesel prices inch up overall, drop slightly in some regions


On-highway diesel prices rose in the past week, albeit by an almost imperceptible $0.007, leaving the national average at $3.243 as of July 9, according the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Most regions of the country experienced a small price increase, the largest being a bump of $0.015 in the Central Atlantic region and $0.012 in the Rocky Mountain region. The overall East Coast also recorded an increase of $0.012, with New England reporting a $0.003 drop in prices.

The overall West Coast also experienced a price drop, of $0.004, despite a full penny increase in California.

Most other regions of the country experienced gains of less than one-half of one cent over the past week.

California continues to show the largest year-to-year increase in diesel prices, $1.103, pushing the West Coast year-to year increase to $0.978. Price increases over the past year on the West Coast and Rocky Mountain regions have been significant enough that even though the current average price of diesel across the U.S. is $0.762 higher than it was a year ago, the national year-to-year increase is higher than it is in any individual region other than the West Cost and Rocky Mountain regions.

Click here for a complete list of average prices by region for the past three weeks.


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