Moving America forward: Henry Bruster is making a difference through trucking

tmaf henry bruster
tmaf henry bruster
Henry Bruster, Mississippi (Courtesy: Trucking Moves America Forward)

To celebrate the modern-day achievements of African Americans in the trucking industry, Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) has selected four drivers who exemplify excellence in trucking. They were selected because of their professionalism and dedication to their jobs, commitment to safety and continuous efforts to move America forward every day.
The drivers are being featured on TMAF’s blog and social media pages throughout the month of February as well as on The The stories highlight the drivers’ accomplishments and safety records and share the personal story of each driver. This is the first of four features in the series.
Henry Bruster is making a difference through trucking
Henry Bruster, a professional truck driver from Woodville, Mississippi, has been driving for UPS Freight for more than 20 years. Bruster was also featured in TMAF’s video, The Delivery.
Bruster’s love for trucks began at an early age. During an interview with TMAF, Bruster said, “When I grew up in rural Louisiana and I ordered shoes online, I remember the UPS truck coming to my house and I knew the shoes were here! I was so excited.”
While serving in the military, Bruster learned to drive a truck. After completing his service in the U.S. Army, Bruster joined the trucking industry.
As a veteran, Henry has said there is no greater responsibility than protecting the lives of others. That responsibility has carried over to his job as a professional truck driver where road safety is a priority throughout the industry.
While competing in the 2017 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC), all competitors were asked to pledge their commitment to safety, honesty and respect. While taking the pledge, Bruster felt a great sense of camaraderie among the drivers. Drivers from different companies who were competing against each other came together to celebrate their commitment to safety. He found the unifying spirit of safety within the trucking industry to be inspiring.
“Safety has no shortcuts!” Bruster said. He has received awards based on his strong safety record, including being named Driver of the Year at the 2016 Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA) Truck Driving Championships.
Bruster has also received strong recognition for his work within the industry. He was asked to serve as a member of ATA’s America’s Road Team and ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program and to lead the Wreaths Across America truck convoy in 2017. Recently, Bruster was asked to accompany ATA to the White House, a memorable experience provided by trucking.
When asked about some of the reasons that Bruster loves trucking. He said it’s the freedom of the highway, ability to meet different people and opportunities provided by industry. One of the most rewarding parts of the job for Bruster is educating children on road safety and blind spots during Share the Road events.
Bruster takes strong pride in his job and the work of the industry. He told TMAF, “When we make deliveries, it’s about knowing that you are making a difference. We make it happen.”



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