Semi stuck in Virginia tunnel halts traffic

Truck stuck in tunnel
Crews work to free a semi truck that became wedged in a Virginia tunnel May 26. (Courtesy: Virginia State Police)

NORFOLK, Va. ― Traffic at the westbound entrance of Norfolk’s downtown tunnel, which links Norfolk to Portsmouth, Virginia, was halted Tuesday morning, May 26, after a tractor-trailer rig scraped the top of the tube and became wedged.

The incident caused multiple passenger-vehicle crashes, and three people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to a report on FOX2NOW.


  1. This is an incomplete report.
    was the truck higher tham 13’6″? did the driver strike a corner of the tunnel? c mon Trucker,give the whole story or don t give it at all.

  2. Tunnels are so dangerous for the new drivers…or old for that matter,this was a second of carelessnes,that s all it took.

  3. Looking at the picture, its a container that this person is hauling, and it could just have been too high. Or the tunnel could have been restricted because it could have been lower than 13’6″.

  4. I agree somethings not right. The rear of the container shows plenty of room to the tunnel ceiling. If the tractor wasn’t modified? Or have larger than normal wheels, it shouldn’t have gotten stuck. Unless, they repaved that road and didn’t bother to re-measure the road to ceiling hight. But then more than would be stuck!


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