There is no doubt the vantage point from the cab of a semi lends itself to a whole different perspective of the drivers around you.

This is exactly what happened Tuesday as Indiana State Police troopers launched their “Trooper in a Truck” program.  Lt. Tyler Utterback was placed in a  “ghost truck,” where he was looking for infractions such as texting.  When an offender was spotted, he would relay the necessary information to marked police vehicles, who could then pull over the driver.

During the three hour effort, Indiana State troopers issued 43 citations and an additional 40 warnings.



  1. They always look for new ways to create revenue. They are nothing but thieves and always coming up new ways to rob people. THIEVES. Low life SOB’s.

  2. I can tell you, that trucker lingo will have a ball finding a name gor a trooper in a truck. Ie: “Freaky fantom fine mobile following you”,watch out there is “ticket truck ghost haunting you!”, “to your left driver grab a buck ticket truck.” Or maybe “its a rollin’ fine fetcher ghost” ????????????????????????


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