Volvo, Mack offer free 90-day technician courses for high school, secondary school students

Volvo online diesel technician courses 1
Volvo online diesel technician courses 1

Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks are offering free 90-day eLearning classes for high school and secondary technical education students who are interested in diesel technician training but are unable to attend in-person, hands-on classes because of the COVID-19 crisis

Such training is usually presented on site at either the Volvo Trucks Academy or the Mack Trucks Academy, but classes have been postponed in accordance with social-distancing guidelines that are designed to limit or stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Training skilled, professional diesel technicians is a crucial component of uptime, especially with the demands currently being placed on the trucking industry as a result of COVID-19,” said Leanne Fitzpatrick, strategic programs manager for Volvo Trucks Academy, adding that she believes it is important for Volvo Trucks to provide educational opportunities even in times of crisis.

“Recognizing that it’s impossible for students to train in person at this time, the Mack Trucks Academy decided to work with Mack dealers to offer online training that is comprehensive,” said Scot Behe, senior manager for training support at Mack Trucks Academy. “The online courses will help fill the gap until we can go back to a more normal situation.”

Free 90-day technical education support (TES) online training for Volvo and Mack trucks is limited to high school students and secondary technical education students. Training sessions will cover topics such as engines, transmissions and more. Training is offered through local Volvo and Mack truck dealerships that have relationships with eligible schools.

For information about enrolling in one of the free TES programs, contact a local Volvo or Mack truck dealer.

“This program will help equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as future diesel technicians,” Fitzpatrick said. “Through this online training … we are establishing and cultivating relationships with future truck technicians, supporting them in starting their career and filling the need for trained service professionals.”

Photo courtesy of Volvo Trucks North America.




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