The Semi Funny Comedian – That new Tesla smell

He's back!  The Semi Funny Comedia returns.
TTNC Episode 72

The Trucker News Channel Episode #072

In this episode we cover ...- Ray Martinez steps down - OOIDA says pay drivers more - Camera mirrors - Driveri stop sign compliance

Funny Friday – The only self-driving truck we approve of!

With all the news these days about autonomous trucks, this is the only one we approve of.  Watch all the way to the end! 

Going head-on with a semi is dangerous no matter what country you are in!

Ok, this video is from Spain.  However, danger is danger no matter what highway you are driving on.  This guy pulled over just in...

65 MPH repair service. No need to pull over.

Some videos just make you scratch your head!

Takes “playing with trucks” to a whole new level!

These radio controlled models are crazy realistic.
delivering to the zero g plane she fell out the bed youtube 1

Delivering to the Zero G plane

If my bank account didn't have $0g in it, I'd spend the $5g to ride this baby! Our friends at the The Trucking Review Channel...

Your daily dose of crazy. Warning strong language.

I don't think we even need to explain the level of stupidity here.

Timelapse Trucker – The Arctic Story Part 1

We are happy to introduce our audience to The Timelapse Trucker RTOT.  We came across Jerrold on YouTube and liked is video style.Over the...

Trooper in a truck nabs 43 drivers in 3 hours

There is no doubt the vantage point from the cab of a semi lends itself to a whole different perspective of the drivers around...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #062

In this episode we cover...- The Trump Admin on HOS- Trucker stabs teammate over messy cab- Border Agents thwart human trafficking attempt- Semi truck...