The Truck Boss Show – meals on 18 wheels and truckers being charitable

Truck Boss team talks meals on 18 wheels, truckers being charitable, big news with Bill Weaver and Taylor Barker as well as the trucking...

The Truck Boss Show – Saving on fuel

The Truck Boss team discusses how companies are giving thanks to Veterans, how you can save on fuel with Scott M. Reed and a...
Scooter cutting across 6 lanes of traffic

Scooter rider cuts across 6 lanes of freeway traffic during rush hour

If you have visited a major city recently, you have noticed a new trend on our sidewalks...scooters.Bird, Lime, Hopr and Jump are just a...
swinging swine

Viral video: Swinging swine tips trailer

Since this video was originally posted, it has been shared over 82,000 times.
wind blowing truck over

Insane wind event in Amarillo TX topples multiple rigs – crazy video!

Wow!Courtesy Blake Brown Photography Facebook