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truck ramp

Trucker almost rings the bell at the top of the runaway truck ramp!

A runaway ramp in Colorado really proved to be a necessity when a semi is charging towards it at roughly 80 mph. The trucker...
truck crash

Dash cam footage from I-80 crash involving 19 semis

This is some scary footage captured by Joshua Jones. Joshua was sleeping in the bunk, as his co-driver was behind the wheel. We don't have any...

Billy Bigrigger knows where all the toilet paper is!

Billy Bigrigger (AKA Dave "Showtime" Meyer) tells you where all that toilet paper is sitting!Courtesy: Dave "Showtime" Meyer
wind blowing truck over

Insane wind event in Amarillo TX topples multiple rigs – crazy video!

Wow!Courtesy Blake Brown Photography Facebook
year old shifts gears

This 10-year old shifts better than many adults!

Watch this 10-year old boy lay the hammer down on this 1977 Western Star. Go get 'em son! Courtesy: Brad's Classic Trucks And Trains
swinging swine

Viral video: Swinging swine tips trailer

Since this video was originally posted, it has been shared over 82,000 times.

Chef Guy Fieri gets CDL and new truck

In this edition we cover... - Fees lower for carriers - Tanker full of sugar collapses in middle - The worst bottlenecks in the country - Celebrity Guy...
sddefault 6

Truckers protest in DC – The Truck Boss Show

The Truck Boss show team talks with Mark Hammond about truck insurance, Jesse James Dupree on his new Rock and Roll hit, 'It Didn't...
slide outs and spin outs

Side outs and spin out tips on I-80 in Wyoming

We catch up with our friends at the Trucking Review Channel, as they share some tips for bad weather driving. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel
maxresdefault 2

Truck Boss Show — Thanksgiving Stack Hack & Thanksgiving Leftover Debate

This week, our friends at The Truck Boss Show have a nutty job heist, Wreaths Across America, rock and roll hall of famers get...
Truck Boss logo

The Truck Boss Show — Last Mile Mercedes + Motivation from Matt & Joey

This week, our friends at The Truck Boss show cover a record-breaking drug bust, FMCSA has another denial, Kenworth’s electric truck for sale now,...
Scooter cutting across 6 lanes of traffic

Scooter rider cuts across 6 lanes of freeway traffic during rush hour

If you have visited a major city recently, you have noticed a new trend on our sidewalks...scooters.Bird, Lime, Hopr and Jump are just a...
tbs tax tips

Truck Boss Show talks tax preparation

Truck Boss Team discusses some updates to drone deliveries, an overweight load, and beginning of the year tax preparation with Barry Fowler of Trucker...
sddefault 4

Fit to Pass Push-Up Challenge Winners

Meet the Top 5 winners from the Fit to Pass Push-Up Challenge sponsored by The Trucker and presented by The Trucker Trainer, Bob Perry.
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Using Bestpass for toll management

Hi, this is David Compton with The Trucker News Channel. I'm here with Michael from Bestpass. Michael, welcome to the show.Bestpass:Thank you, David.David Compton:So...
truck boss show episode13

Truck Boss Show – Hours of service changes impact drivers

The Truck Boss teams discusses the impact hours of service changes are having on drivers, Coach Carolyn on how to stay connecting during social...
sddefault 4

The Truck Boss Show speaks with OOIDA

Truck Boss team discusses Arizona's effort to help drivers find parking and low fuel prices.Then they sat down with Women In Trucking Association CEO,...

The Truck Boss Show – Saving on fuel

The Truck Boss team discusses how companies are giving thanks to Veterans, how you can save on fuel with Scott M. Reed and a...