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What truckers need to know about CBD oils and marijuana laws

There is no doubt, many truck drivers experience pain.  Now, with many state laws changing regarding marijuana, CBD has become a popular non prescription...

Glenn Beck details how the trucking industry impacts society

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection

A well produced video from the Spokane Sheriff department on Pre-Trip Inspections and how to correctly perform them.
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California DOT Level 1 Inspection

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel document their recent inspection. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel
future trucker

Time to smile – the future of trucking

Have your spirits been down lately? Here is something that will put a smile back on your face.That is a future trucker right there!Courtesy:...
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FMCSA explains Hours of Service proposed rule

Here is what they have to say...
tbs webinar

Webinar: Overcoming OTR Challenges During The Pandemic

Be sure to watch this webinar where experts share their insight on how you can overcome OTR challenges during this pandemic!Courtesy: TBS Factoring Service,...
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Making $63.00 per mile

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel talk about those times when the money is really good. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel

Why America is facing a shortage of truck drivers.

CBS News shares their views on what they think is causing a driver shortage.What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

It takes time to be good at the business of Trucking.

Wayne Campbell of The Drivers Side sits down and talks with trucker Brian D. from Richmond, Virginia.Brian shares his knowledge from 35+ years on...
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How to spot your carrier might be going under

We've seen a lot of carriers close recently, both big and small.  Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel sit down with Truckin America...

Tips when you’re driving on black ice – Bleach and Kitty Litter

Christopher and the Trucking Review Channel are back on the road, this time on I-80 in Wyoming with some tips for driving on black...
trc freightmarket

What happens when the freight market cools?

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel share their views on what is ahead when the current hot freight market cools down.Got an opinion?...

Life without Truckers

With Trucker Appreciation Week coming up, it is hard to think what are lives would be like...but here is a glimpse.Video courtesy: Pilot Flying...
excersize bike semi

When you want to work out, but drive a truck all day!

Did you make a New Year's resolution?  Perhaps this trucker did!  Looks like he has installed an exercise bike in the passenger side of...