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Gamer? Check out this new one for PlayStation 4

It's time to Truck! A new game is coming to PlayStation 4 on 19 September 2019. Subscribe to SOEDESCO for more Truck Driver: https://www.youtube.com/user/SOEDESCO... Join...

Far back Friday – How Differential Steering Works

Let's go way back to 1937 in this cool instructional video.  The meat and potatoes of this explanation really does not get going until...

The Drivers Side – Wayne Campbell interviews Stacked Logistics

In this episode Wayne interviews Stacked Logistics and why their drivers love the company.     We are always expanding the regular video content we are bringing...
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Using Bestpass for toll management

Hi, this is David Compton with The Trucker News Channel. I'm here with Michael from Bestpass. Michael, welcome to the show. Bestpass: Thank you, David. David Compton: So...

If you have Alexa, you have The Trucker!

Amazon's Alexa device is one of the hottest selling gifts this season. Perhaps you already have one? If so, download the Alexa skill for TheTrucker.com...