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The Trucker Media Group is the leading source of trucking industry news, product and service marketing, and truck driver recruitment in the US, proudly serving the industry for over 30 years. We provide the latest and most comprehensive news affecting the trucking industry with our award-winning journalism and news coverage that is informative, objective and engaging. In addition, The Trucker Jobs Network — which also includes GoTruckers.com and LosTroqueros.com — is the industry’s top resource for local, regional and long-haul truck driving jobs.

In addition to TheTrucker.com, The Trucker Media Group publishes Truckload Authority, the official publication of the Truckload Carriers Association, published six times a year.

The Trucker Media Group offers an ideal avenue for carriers, as well as trucking-related product and service providers, to reach truck drivers, trucking industry decision-makers and other professionals. Our robust suite of advertising solutions is effective for reaching this valuable, sought-after audience and generating direct response and elevating brand awareness.

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Advertising Opportunities

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Selecting the right advertising solution and designing an effective advertising campaign is key to your success. This is what we do best!

The Trucker Media Group’s digital and print advertising solutions are an ideal resource for the long-haul truck driver recruiting market.  We help trucking companies find quality drivers, and help drivers find quality jobs. In addition, we offer an ideal avenue for trucking related products and service providers to reach truck drivers as well as trucking industry personnel and executives.  Our robust suite of digital and print advertising solutions is effective for reaching this valuable, sought-after audience by generating direct responses (phone calls, emails and applications) from qualified drivers and elevating brand awareness.

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Job Listing Feed Requirements

TheTrucker.com is the industry’s leading source for long-haul truck driving jobs in the US, with new job listing added daily. We help trucking companies find quality drivers, and help truck drivers find quality jobs. We do our best to accommodate companies with a single job posting, or large companies and advertising agencies with automatic feeds of multiple job listings.

The following Feed Instructions and Sample Feed outline the feed requirements and job criteria fields available for job listings on TheTrucker.com. In addition, we have provided a Job Listing – Example to show how an individual job listing is displayed on TheTrucker.com’s search results page based on the content provided. TheTrucker.com’s Technical Support Team do their best to make processing and updating automatic job listing feeds seamless.

TheTrucker.com Feed Instructions (PDF)

TheTrucker.com Sample Feed (PDF)

TheTrucker.com Job Listing – Example (PDF)

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