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Trucker looking at mobile phone TheTrucker.com is the leading source of trucking industry news and truck driver job listings for the long-haul trucking industry in the United States. Our mission is to provide the latest and most comprehensive news affecting the trucking industry with our award-winning journalism and news coverage that is informative, objective and engaging. TheTrucker.com is also the industry’s top resource for the most reliable and highest paying truck driving jobs in the United States, with new job listings added each day. Whether you’re a company driver, owner-operator, lease-purchase driver, team driver or student driver, TheTrucker.com has the best local, regional and OTR job listings in the industry.

Advertising Opportunities

Truckers shaking hands TheTrucker.com is an ideal resource for the long-haul truck driver recruiting market. We help trucking companies find quality drivers, and help drivers find quality jobs. In addition, we offer an ideal avenue for trucking related products and service providers to reach truck drivers as well as trucking industry personnel and executives. Our robust suite of advertising solutions is effective for reaching this valuable, sought-after audience and generating direct responses (phone calls, emails and applications) from qualified drivers and elevating brand awareness.  Our team of advertising experts will customize an advertising campaign to fit each advertiser.

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Our Other Digital Products and Services

In addition to job postings, display banner advertising, sponsored media and other advertising opportunities on The Trucker.com, The Trucker Media Group offers advertising opportunities through its other digital products, including:

The Trucker News Channel Logo

The Trucker News Channel

Distributed on TheTrucker.com, Facebook, YouTube, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon TV, this weekly video program features current events and trucking industry news. To see the latest edition of The Trucker News Channel, Click Here.

Email Newsletter

This weekly subscription-based email newsletter contains leading news stories, current events and other information affecting the trucking industry. To subscribe to the weekly email newsletter, Click Here. istockphoto 615408990 1024x1024 1

Digital Advertising Performance Packages

We provide a full-service digital advertising service for trucking companies, including developing creative, implementing ad units and optimizing digital campaigns to generate unique calls and applications for trucking companies looking to hire drivers.

Geofencing Campaigns

This powerful mobile display advertising solution can be used to target customers in specific physical locations. Geofencing campaigns allow the advertiser to trigger the right message, the right campaign, at the right time and place.

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Our National Print Publications

In addition to TheTrucker.com and its other digital products and services, The Trucker Media Group is the industry leader in printing and distribution of trucking industry publications targeting specific audiences within the trucking industry. The publications are distributed through an extensive network of national and independent truck stops and travel centers, free of charge. The Trucker Media Group offers various print display, directory and other advertising opportunities in its print publications for both direct response and brand awareness enhancement for driver recruiting, as well as products and services. The Trucker Media Group’s print publications include:

As the most widely read trucking industry newspaper, this product specifically targets truck drivers, which is printed and distributed to truck stops and travel centers nationwide, and to its subscription-based readers. The Trucker is published and delivered twice a month.

This glossy magazine is the official publication of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) which includes updates from the TCA President and Chairman, government regulations affecting the trucking industry and other trucking related articles and topics. Truckload Authority is mailed directly to TCA members, trucking industry management and C-level executives. Truckload Authority is published six times a year.

Featuring two books in one, these publications create the single largest truck driver recruiting magazine, which is printed and distributed to truck stops and travel centers nationwide on a monthly basis.

Specifically focused on driver-recruiting, this magazine focuses on hiring opportunities for owner-operator truck drivers and is printed and distributed to truck stops and travel centers nationwide every other month.

Big Money Trucking

Big Money Trucking

This driver-recruiting magazine focuses on hiring team drivers and carrying high value cargo. Big Money Trucking is printed and distributed to truck stops and travel centers nationwide every other month.

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