Our Digital Products and Services

Our Digital Advertising Products and Services

The Trucker Media Group’s digital advertising products and services are an ideal resource for the long-haul truck driver recruiting market. We help trucking companies find quality drivers, and help drivers find quality jobs. In addition, we offer an ideal avenue for trucking related products and service providers to reach truck drivers as well as trucking industry personnel and executives. Our robust suite of digital advertising solutions is effective for reaching this valuable, sought-after audience by generating direct responses (phone calls, emails and applications) from qualified drivers and elevating brand awareness.

The Trucker Jobs Network

The Trucker Jobs Network is an ideal digital solution for recruiting truck drivers. The Jobs Network includes an array of diversified options for optimizing the exposure of your truck driver job listings:

  • TheTrucker.com/Jobs
  • Social media
  • A network of affiliated websites specific to trucking jobs
  • Plus, new partner options added regularly!

All driver applications are processed through our proprietary Application Processing System (APS) which uses a sophisticated algorithm to send qualified unique and matched driver applications to the advertiser’s CRM, API or email in real time. The APS generates monthly reports that allow advertisers to clearly see the results of their investment.

Online Ads

Banner Advertising on TheTrucker.com

Frequency is the key to response, so banner advertising offers the opportunity to expand your exposure. When advertising on TheTrucker.com, you reach your trucking target audience every day when truck drivers and trucking industry professionals visit the website for the latest news stories, videos and truck driving job listings.

TheTrucker.com banner advertising is available throughout the site, or may be designated to run on specific website pages:

  • Home Page
  • Editorial Pages
  • Truck Driving Jobs Pages
  • Truckload Authority Pages
Email Newsletter

The Trucker eNewsletter, a weekly subscription based email newsletter, contains leading news stories, current events and other information affecting the trucking industry selected by the Editor, and is delivered directly to subscribers’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Advertising opportunities on The Trucker eNewsletter include:

Person with laptop

  • Leaderboard banner
  • Video and other banner advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • Featured trucking jobs listings

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Target Your Audience


This powerful mobile advertising solution can be used to target customers within specific geographic locations. Geofencing campaigns allow the advertiser to trigger the right message at the right time and place in the form of banner advertising within more than 80,000 popular apps. This is an idea digital advertising solution when targeting attendees at truck shows, truck stops, sporting events and other places where large groups gather.
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Increase visitors to your website by retargeting your own website traffic with a custom display advertising campaign. Research has shown the conversion rate of a returning visitor is 10X greater than that of an initial visitor.

Audience Extension

Reach people whose online behavior identifies them as your target audience. Customized display ads are shown to them as they visit other popular websites.

Search Engine Marketing

The foundation of all successful websites, search engine marketing (SEM) utilizes keyword matching to ensure your company’s website is shown as a result for drivers who are searching for a truck driving job or other specific products and services on Google, Bing, Yahoo and an array of other web search engines. These campaigns are set up and managed by Google-certified experts who have extensive trucking industry advertising expertise.

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