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Maintaining your health is like preventive maintenance on your truck

The topic for this month’s column, like all my content, comes from my best resource — professional drivers. A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting with professional driver Henry Albert, who’s president of Albert Transportation and a Team Run Smart member. Our conversation reminded me to revisit a topic I talk about often: Personal Preventive Health Maintenance. Just as the gauges on your truck dashboard help you monitor the “health” needs of your truck; you can check your body’s “gauges” to manage your personal health. Preventative measures, such as being aware of your blood pressure, resting and walking heart ...
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Team Driver: Questions to ask a recruiter

Dave Compton of The Trucker speaks with Laura Duryea of Boyle Transport, covering key topics and questions that truck drivers should ask when considering a new job. This applies even more so for new truckers having just completed CDL License training at a truck driving school. Questions like....what happens if there is a family emergency and you're in your truck on the road ...
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What is it like being an auto hauler

David Compton: Joining me today is Bob Sellers, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Reliable Carriers. Bob, welcome to the show. Bob Sellers: Thank you David. Good to see you. David Compton: Yeah, thanks for joining us today. So I see these bright orange rigs running down the road and I'd love to find out a little bit more about Reliable Carriers and a little bit about the history of the company and what your specialty is. Bob Sellers: Well we're celebrating 60 years this year, so we've been in business since 1960. All we do is all haul ...
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What it takes to be a team driver

Dave: Hi, this is Dave Compton from the and joining me today is Laura Duryea, from Boyle Transport. Laura is the head of driver recruitment, retention and driver development. Laura, welcome to the show. Laura: Thank you, I'm happy to be here. Dave: Well, it's our pleasure. So Laura, today we're going to talk a little bit about team driving. And I mean just the description kind of tells us what it is, but in the trucking business, what is team driving and team driver? Laura: Team driving is when two individuals share the same truck, and they, in ...
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What is dry van hauling?

Joining me today is Doug Grawe, head of communications of Dart Transit Company. Doug, welcome.

Doug Grawe:

Thanks, Dave. I appreciate it.

David Compton:

Hey, Doug, I want to start out with some very basics about dry van hauling with our audience today. Let's just start at the very basic. Doug, tell me what is dry van hauling?

Doug Grawe:

Well, Dave, great question. What is dry van hauling? Dry van hauling is hauling goods that don't need to be temperature controlled. They don't need ...


What are the different types of hauling jobs in trucking

In this video we will discuss the different types of truck driving jobs and some of the qualifications or challenges you can face.

Dry van hauling. This is one of the most popular types of hauling in the trucking industry. A drive van or trailer is exactly what it sounds like. It's filled with contents that are packaged and does not need refrigeration. Oddly enough, bottled water, even though wet, can be hauled by a dry van, obviously since it's packaged.

Reefer hauling. Reefer, which is short for refrigerated is ...

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Top 5 reasons to become a trucker

Here are the top five reasons to consider being a truck driver.

Number one, job security. Trucking is one of the very few careers where you are in such high demand, you can find a job virtually anywhere. Across America there is a shortage of CDL holders and job sites are full of ads looking for truckers.

Number two, good pay plus benefits. You might start at the bottom, but with hard work and dedication you can move up to more lucrative types of hauling. With a few years ...

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Is the trucking life for you?

Thinking about getting your CDL and becoming a trucker? Here's some things you need to consider before hitting the road.

Truckers spend a lot of time alone. If you're a social butterfly, or need to be around people 24/7, being a trucker is not the job for you. Solo drivers might enjoy the chance to see the open road and be gone weeks at a time, but if you have a family, expect to miss some Little League games or school plays.

Being a trucker requires patience. The road ...

Tips for getting a truck driving job

Tips for getting a truck driving job

Looking for a trucking job? Well, here's some tips for you.

First, do your searching and applying at a website that specializes in trucking jobs. Sure, you can find listings on general job boards, but recruiters know the qualification of applicants on those sites tends to be less than someone who applies that a specialized trucking employment website.

Second, do your homework. There are plenty of trucker discussion groups on the web that you can be part of. Many of these forums, discuss the good, the bad and ...

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Will autonomous trucks cost CDL holders their jobs?

Robots are taking over the world. Well, that's what some people might be thinking is in our future, but what about truck drivers? Is autonomous driving technology going to cost many of today's CDL holders their jobs? Well, let's take a look at some of the facts. Yes, someday you're going to see driverless semis zipping down the highway, but the real question is how soon?

Let's first look at some facts. It's going to be a while until that happens and given the fact that the majority of truckers right now are in their mid ...