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What are the best paying jobs for truckers?

Okay, there's no doubt you can make a good living being a truck driver, and some jobs do pay more than others. So let's take a look.

Well, leading the pack is ice road trucking. This is truly a niche job, and there are not many truckers that's going to be doing this, especially if you're living in Tempe, Arizona, for example. However, ice road truckers only work a couple months a year and can pull down up to $250,000, because this job has so much danger involved in it.

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Can you get a CDL with a bad record?

Okay, look, we've all done stupid things in our life. Granted, some of us have done things that are more stupid than others, but there's plenty examples of individuals who've made mistakes in the past and have gone on to get their CDLs. There's really just two questions at hand when looking at this. Number one is what I've done in the past going to prevent me from getting a CDL in the first place? And number two, once I have that CDL, will the mistakes I've made in the past prevent me from ...

trucking school v company sponsor

Getting a CDL at a trucking school vs a company sponsored program

In this video, we're going to discuss the pros and cons of getting your CDL via a local trucking school versus getting it from a company sponsored trading program. So let's jump in and let's look at the differences.

These days with the driver shortage many larger companies now have their own training programs. These are great because it basically means that once you finish the course and obtain your CDL, you have a guaranteed job waiting for you. However, just like your mama taught you, there's no such thing as a ...

steps to get your cdl

The steps you need to take to get your CDL.

Hi, I'm David Compton from on the steps you'll need to take to get your CDL.

The first thing is to make sure you even qualify. And to do so, you need to check your state's eligibility requirements. Each state has its own requirements for licensed commercial drivers. Generally, you must be at least 18-years-old or 21-years-old if you plan to drive across state lines. Even if you never drive across state lines, you may need to still be 21 if you work for a transportation or trucking ...

DOT medical exam

Preparing for a DOT medical exam

We talk to's Bob Perry on how you can stack the odds in your favor if you have a DOT medical exam coming up. For more information go to ...
Looking for a new truck driving job?

Looking for a new truck driving job?

Do you have your CDL?  Are you in the job market for the first time, or perhaps you're a seasoned veteran looking to make a change? Head on over to our sister website ...
It takes time to be good at the business of Trucking.

It takes time to be good at the business of Trucking.

Wayne Campbell of The Drivers Side sits down and talks with trucker Brian D. from Richmond, Virginia. Brian shares his knowledge from 35+ years on the road. Courtesy: The Drivers Side
A day in the life of a trucking couple - Grow big little roach

A day in the life of a trucking couple – Grow big little roach

We are proud to introduce our audience to the Trucking Review Channel.  Come along as we follow this trucking couple and their adventures on the road. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel ...
Emotional video on being an OTR driver

Emotional video on being an OTR driver

A great video by Bill Everly and his YouTube Channel, Salty Pirate TV, ...