What are the best paying jobs for truckers?

Okay, there’s no doubt you can make a good living being a truck driver, and some jobs do pay more than others. So let’s take a look.

Well, leading the pack is ice road trucking. This is truly a niche job, and there are not many truckers that’s going to be doing this, especially if you’re living in Tempe, Arizona, for example. However, ice road truckers only work a couple months a year and can pull down up to $250,000, because this job has so much danger involved in it.

Next up is oversized loads and HAZMAT haulers. This type of driving does require additional licensing. With HAZMAT hauling, it can be a bit spooky with thousands of pounds of something explosive sitting right behind you. And with oversize load drivers, not all roads are straight. An extreme level of concentration is required. Because of these things, these two jobs in trucking are paid a premium.

Coming up next is tanker drivers, and some of those loads can be also unstable. So again, there’s a danger factor.

Union drivers come up next. Think Walmart and UPS. Walmart has long been known to be one of the most coveted driving jobs in America, because of the exceptional pay and the way they treat their drivers.

Car haulers also do well, and right behind them is OTR or over-the-road drivers. Here is where you’re exchanging a lifestyle for higher pay. OTR drivers are away from home for a couple days or weeks at a time, and you’re financially compensated for this lifestyle change.

So there you have it. You can make good money in trucking. However, the bigger money involves either a little danger, having some special skills or endorsements, or linking up with a great company.

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