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There are thousands of trucking companies in the US ranging from one truck servicing a specific local area to companies with thousands of trucks servicing the entire country. Each carrier provides its own services or combination of services to a unique niche within the US trucking industry that hires more than 3.5 million truck drivers nationwide. is the industry’s leading source for long-haul truck driving jobs in the US, with new job listings added daily. Our goal is to help truck drivers find quality jobs and help trucking companies find quality drivers. In order to achieve that goal, offers thousands of truck driving jobs with the best carriers in the US trucking industry.

As a truck driver looking for a truck driving job, you will likely have your own ideas, preferences and priorities on what is important to you when it comes to selecting a carrier. Although companies may promote themselves as being “the best company to work for,” what makes the best company for one person will likely differ from what makes the best company for another. What is important to a company driver will certainly differ from what is important to an owner operator, just as what is important to one company driver or owner operator may be different from what is important to another.

In order to improve job satisfaction and the chances for success in a new truck driving job, truck drivers looking for jobs should consider and assess as many factors as possible when selecting the next carrier where they will be employed.

Below is a list of things you may consider when selecting a carrier for your next truck driving job:

  • What is the company culture and philosophy?
  • How does the carrier value and treat its drivers?
  • What is the carrier’s reputation in the industry?
  • Does the carrier have an open door policy?
  • Does that carrier make a point of knowing its drivers by name?
  • How big is the carrier and how many drivers does it employ?
  • Is the carrier publicly held or private, large, small, family-centric?
  • Where is the company based and where are its routes? And is this where I want to drive?
  • What is the carrier’s flexibility in scheduling?
  • Average time on the road and how often will I be home?
  • For owner operators, how much control do you have over your schedule and what runs you accept?
  • What type of cargo does the carrier haul?
  • What is the compensation structure and how does this compare to competitors?
  • Does the company provide sign-on bonuses and bonuses for a good driving record?
  • What types of awards and recognition does the carrier give its drivers?
  • What benefits does the carrier provide (health insurance, dental, vision insurance, 401k, etc)?
  • What is the employer’s contribution to benefit costs?
  • What types of trucks does the carrier operate?
  • What types of operational technology does the carrier utilize?
  • Does the carrier offer pre-pass or other scale/weigh station bypass abilities?
  • What is the condition of the carrier’s equipment?
  • Would a carrier assign a dedicated dispatcher to you?
  • Does the carrier hire military veterans or recognize military driving experience?
  • For owner operators, what expenses does the company cover (plates, tolls, etc)?

If you are searching for a truck driving job with a specific carrier,’s Search by Carrier makes it easy and saves time and energy during your job search. The advanced search functionality allows you to narrow your search even further by driver type, location, trailer type, endorsement, route type and experience. provides additional information about every carrier on each carrier’s individual profile page which is accessible from each carrier listing on the Search by Carrier and on each individual job listing page. allows you to apply for specific truck driving job listings, or apply for all jobs that fit your qualifications in ONE CLICK!

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