Tennessee Trucking Industry

Memphis Tennessee
For a truck driver, Tennessee offers plenty of opportunities to open the throttle and travel the nation. “The Volunteer State” connects the east coast states of Virginia and North Carolina to the gateway to the west, just south of St. Louis. If drivers headed to western Tennessee aren’t affiliated with Memphis-based Federal Express, the world’s leading priority shipping company, chances are they are bound for Arkansas and one of the numerous interstate junctions leading to the west coast, Chicago, Texas and beyond. When you transport Tennessee-produced products out-of-state, you’ll may be serving the highest calling of any occupation — saving lives. Medical instruments, sterile sutures, orthopedic appliances, and artificial joints are all among Tennessee’s top 10 exports, and doctors and patients throughout the country anxiously await your arrival. While the mission might tempt you to become a true “Tennessee Volunteer,” don’t worry. You’re no Davy Crockett, you won’t lead a band of brethren into certain death at the Alamo, and you will be paid!

Geographic Advantages
Tennessee is located between Kentucky and the Gulf Coast states, connecting the east coast state of Virginia to the Mississippi River and Arkansas. Several routes to the Gulf Coast ports leave Tennessee to the south, while the junction of interstates in Arkansas at West Memphis offers truck drivers open roads to the western U.S.

Bordering State/Countries
Tennessee is bordered to the north by Kentucky and Virginia, to the east by North Carolina, the west by Missouri and Arkansas, and the south by Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Products Moved by Trucks
Whether they are exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for use in-state, according to the latest data from World’s Top Exports, the following are the primary products moved by truck drivers and industries offering truck driving jobs to those calling Tennessee home:

  1. Medical, surgical, dental, veterinarian instruments
  2. Large automobiles (piston engine)
  3. Aircraft including engines, parts
  4. Mid-sized automobiles (piston engine)
  5. Cotton (uncarded, uncombed)
  6. Sterile sutures
  7. Orthopedic appliances, parts and accessories
  8. Small portable digital computers
  9. Whiskies
  10. Artificial joints, parts and accessories

Tennessee’s Highways
Tennessee includes over 200,000 miles of lane miles including numerous interstate highways with a total length of nearly 1,100 miles. Tennessee interstates are as follows:

I-24 from Kentucky state line to Chattanooga
I-26 from Kingsport to North Carolina state line
I-40 from North Carolina state line to Arkansas
I-55 from Mississippi state line to Arkansas
I-65 between Alabama and Kentucky
I-75 between Georgia and Kentucky
I-81 from Dandridge to Virginia state line
9 Auxiliary interstate highways

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