More toilet-paper banditry? Deputies pull over stolen trailer full of toilet paper, other products

Box of toilet paper
Box of toilet paper

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With toilet paper still flying off the shelves across the nation, a North Carolina truck driver caused a stir when he was pulled over while hauling 18,000 pounds of bathroom products — all loaded in a stolen trailer.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release saying that deputies on Wednesday, March 18, spotted the driver of an 18-wheeler and determined the trailer was stolen.

Deputies followed the driver to a warehouse off the interstate and discovered that the driver was hauling 18,000 pounds of commercial bathroom paper products, according to the release. Capt. Daryl Loftis said by phone that the cargo included a mixture of paper towels, toilet paper and other commercial products.

Loftis said that the cargo was actually part of a shipment that was otherwise lawful — only the trailer was stolen. He described it as “legitimate cargo going to a legitimate place.” He said the business that was the final destination is in Greensboro, and that deputies helped get the shipment where it was supposed to go.

The driver is a suspect in the theft of the trailer, but no arrests have been made, Loftis said, adding that the department is taking its time to investigate and isn’t releasing the name of the driver because the issue of toilet paper is “fairly sensitive right now.”



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