Arizona Trucking Industry

Arizona Highway
When it comes to Arizona, it’s easy to understand the saying, “It’s not that the mountains are so high; it’s that the valleys are so deep!” For a state most Americans associate with clean desert air and cactus, you might be surprised at what “The Grand Canyon State” offers trucker drivers (and a 2% grade highway to the bottom of the mile-deep canyon isn’t among them). A drive to Arizona’s primary cities of Phoenix and Tucson will take you through some barren miles, but you’ll savor the fact that only a couple of hours away you’ll find downhill skiing in Flagstaff. And believe it or not, while Arizona is best known for its desert, you can find work hauling timber from several areas of forest in northern area of the state!

Geographic Advantages
Arizona serves as a gateway to California and the west coast as well as the Mexico border. The state is a conduit for much of the freight traffic leaving southern California for points east. And for truck drivers bound for the Port of Los Angeles and other ports in the southern end of California, Arizona’s highways are well-known.

Bordering States/Countries
Arizona is the southwest of the state’s forming the “four corners,” meaning it borders New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah to the east and north, as well as Nevada and California to the west. Its southern border is international and provides access to Mexico.

As the economy experiences is ups and downs, Arizona’s position as a state rich in resources, military manufacturing, and technology, offer stability for those seeking truck driver jobs in Arizona.

Products Moved by Trucks
Whether they are exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for the use of Arkansans, according to the latest data from World’s Top Exports, the following are the primary products moved by truck drivers and offering many truck driving jobs to those calling Arizona home: Aircraft including engines, parts; ; Copper ores, concentrates; Bombs, mines; integrated circuits (excluding processors/controllers; Integrated circuits (processors/controllers); Large helicopters; Modems, similar reception/transmission devices; Office machine parts and accessories; Semiconductor devices excluding photovoltaic cells; Electric plugs, sockets.

Arizona’s Deep Water Ports
There is no “ocean front property” in Arizona and, therefore, no ports.

Arizona’s Highways
Arizona’s interstate system provides a direct route from the west coast to the east coast, along with a junction for traffic leaving the “Mother Road” for the southern cities of Phoenix and Tucson. Manor interstates in Arizona are as follows:

I-40 from the New Mexico border westward to Needles, California
I-10 from southest New Mexico through Tucson, Phoenix, and Blythe California
I-8 from Casa Grande to Yuma
I-19 from Tucson south to the Mexico border
I-17 connecting Phoenix and Flagstaff
Auxiliary interstates around larger cities

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