New York Trucking Industry

Brooklyn Bridge
If you are looking for a state where you can load your trailers in the nation’s largest port and transport it to parts unknown, New York is for you! Forget transporting interstate freight unless that’s the gig you are seeking. As a New York-based driver you have opportunities to transport internationally, and we don’t just mean crossing the border into Canada. Products imported and exported from the Port of New York arrive from or are destined for most any country in the world. New York is the top port for shipping and receiving rare antiquities like works of art, gems and minerals, and even gold bound to exotic destinations. After you deliver a truckload of jewels, you may load something equally valuable for delivery to collectors or museums throughout the U.S. In any case, if you choose to pursue your truck driving career in “The Empire State,” you’ll find a world of opportunities awaiting! And don’t worry about the other 20 million state residents you might join. You can only have so many neighbors!

Geographic Advantages
New York is located in the upper northeast adjacent to New England, New Jersey, and Canada. The size of New York in terms of population makes it home to many jobs in countless industries capable of shipping across the nation or overseas through the most active port in the U.S., the Port of New York.

Bordering State/Countries
New York is bordered to the east by New England, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey, to the west by Pennsylvania, and to the north by Canada, including the city of Toronto.

New York’s Deep-Water Ports
New York is home to the busiest port in the U.S. and one of the busiest in the world, the Port of New York. It’s location at the mouth of the Hudson River and the protection offered by New York Harbor make it a prime location for intermodal shipping. In total, New York has 27 ports on Long Island, up the Hudson River, and on its northern boundary with Canada through the Great Lakes.

Products Moved by Trucks
Whether they are exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for use in-state, according to the latest data from World’s Top Exports, the following are the primary products moved by truck drivers and offering truck driving jobs to those calling New York home:

  1. Diamonds (unmounted)
  2. Hand-drawn paintings, drawings
  3. Jewelry articles clad in precious metal
  4. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds
  5. Original sculptures, statues
  6. Gold (unwrought)
  7. Aircraft including engines, parts
  8. Integrated circuits (processors/controllers)
  9. Diesel engines
  10. Antiques older than 100 years

New York’s Highways
New York’s total public roadway lane miles equal about 230,000. Of these, about 1,800 miles are part of the interstate system and include:

I-78 in Manhattan
I-81 from Pennsylvania state line at Kirkwood to Canadian border at Thousand Islands
I-84 from Pennsylvania state line at Port Jervis to Connecticut state line.
I-86 from Pennsylvania state line at Mina to Windsor
I-87 from The Bronx to Champlain at the Canadian border
I-88 from Chenango to Rotterdam
I-90 from Pennsylvania state line at Ripley to Massachusetts state line at Canaan
I-95 from New Jersey to Connecticut state line at Port Chester
I-999 from Pennsylvania state line at Lindley to Painted Post
Auxiliary interstate highways

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