South Carolina Trucking Industry

Charleston South Carolina Bridge
What do you think about when dreaming of the Carolinas? Sandy beaches, lighthouses, hundreds of years of history perhaps? The Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains? Or maybe the top products generated like sweet potatoes, textiles, and tobacco (well, maybe not so much tobacco as a few decades back). You’ll find all of these in the Carolinas, not to mention more Christmas Trees than New York City can afford to light up! And what’s more? You guessed it. All of these products are primarily hauled by truck. And if that’s not enough, you’ll find ports along the coastlines of both states where trucks seemingly off-load and take on freight non-stop. And don’t forget. If you put an “s” in front of “ports,” you have “sports.” You won’t find many spots on the planet as manic as the Carolinas when it comes to college football.

Geographic Advantages
South Carolina is situated on the southeastern seaboard of the Atlantic Ocean. With geography ranging from coastal beaches and wetlands to the Appalachian Mountains, South Carolina provides ports along the ocean and are the starting points from coast-to-coast interstate highways.

Bordering State/Countries
The Carolinas (North and South) are bordered by Virginia to the North, Tennessee, and Georgia to the west.

Deep Water Ports
North Carolina ports include the Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City, while South Carolina ports are located at Charleston, Georgetown and Port Royal.

Products Moved by Trucks
Whether they are exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for use in-state, according to the latest data from World’s Top Exports, the following are the primary products moved by truck drivers and industries offering truck driving jobs to those calling the Carolinas home: home:

  1. Aircraft including engines, parts
  2. Immunological products in measured doses
  3. Miscellaneous medications
  4. Miscellaneous aircraft parts
  5. Antisera, other blood fractions
  6. Chemical wood pulp (coniferous)
  7. Bombs, mines
  8. Diesel engines
  9. Supported catalysts with precious metal
  10. Gears, gearing: $409 million (1.2%)
  11. Mid-sized automobiles (piston engine)
  12. Large automobiles (diesel engine)
  13. Mid-sized automobiles (diesel engine)
  14. New rubber tires for specialty vehicles
  15. Machinery or mechanical appliance parts
  16. Motor vehicle transmissions
  17. Large automobiles (piston engine)
  18. Motor vehicle body parts, accessories
  19. Car tires (rubber, pneumatic)

Carolina Highways
North and South Carolina interstates include 3 major routes and 2 auxiliary highways, totaling over 2,200 of the states’ 390,000 combined lane miles of roadway. Interstates are as follows:

I-20 from Georgia state line to Florence, SC
I-26 from Tennessee state line to Charleston SC
I-40 from Wilmington, NC to Tennessee state line
I-73 from Ellerbe to Summerfield, NC
I-74 from Virginia State Line to Lumberton N
I-77 from Cayce SC to Virginia state line
I-85 from Georgia state line to Virginia state line
I-87 from Raleigh to Wendell, NC
I-95 from Georgia state line to Virginia state line
Auxiliary interstate highways

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