Pilot Flying J launches One9 Fuel Network targeting smaller carriers

The One9 Fuel Network is designed to serve smaller carriers with services and benefits that are often available only to larger carriers. (Courtesy: PILOT FLYING J)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Pilot Flying J said Tuesday it was launching the One9 Fuel Network in a “Voice of the Industry” webinar attended by industry and media representatives.

The One9 Network includes more than 180 fueling locations that operate under a variety of names, including Mr. Fuel, Pride, Stamart, Speedway and others. These locations have been purchased by or entered a business partnership agreement with Pilot Flying J and will market Pilot products. The One9 Network logo will be prominently displayed on fuel pumps.

The One9 Network is designed to serve smaller carriers with services and benefits that are often available only to larger carriers.

“We feel that smaller carriers are an underserved area of the market,” said Jimmy Haslam, CEO of Pilot Flying J. “Small carriers are already challenged with HOS changes, rising insurance costs and other industry issues.”

One of the benefits the new network will offer is a line of credit to approved carriers.

Smaller carriers and owner-operators often use cash or depend on credit cards for funding fuel purchases, which can be inconvenient and can result in higher fees than those paid by larger carriers.

The One9 Network offers no transaction or monthly fees to approved users and will provide card and invoice consolidation, helping to streamline the accounting process.

One9 Network members will also receive enhanced loyalty card benefits, including an introductory two points per gallon of fuel purchased and free coffee or fountain drink with the purchase of 50 or more gallons of diesel.

The current Pilot Flying J app can be used to track loyalty points and for other purposes at One9 Network locations.

The One9 Network website is currently up and running at one9fuelnetwork.com. A link is provided for a current list of fueling locations. A link is provided for applying, but currently goes to the provided phone number of 865-292-One9 (6639). A statement on the link offers “flexible credit options available.”





  1. Are we to believe that F.J and Pilot do that out of the goodness of their heart? F.J? Pilot? Haslam? why do these names sound so unindited criminals? the same that stole millions of dollars from the “small carriers” they seem to care so much about?
    If the Haslams had any shame,they d hide under a rock for all eternity.
    Now they are going to screw up the few truck stop companies that are left.
    F.J,Pilot,Petro,T/A,why don t you go pound sand and sit on a cactus? I don t want your overpriced fuels and overpriced caca.


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