Hey everyone! It’s time for your Wednesday Daily Trucker News Update!

We have a lot of news to cover today, including:

  • New Director of ATA
  • Trucking Career for Young Women
  • And the search for the owner of a sentimental photo

So, let’s get trucking!

Isela: A semi-truck driving along HWY 45 alternate collided with a Mississippi Department of Transportation Truck, that ended up sending two workers to the emergency room. The semi-truck was hauling a mobile home while the Mississippi workers were patching potholes caused by recent winter weather. One of the men was transported by ambulance and one by life flight. They were both responsive throughout transportation. The truck driver was not hurt but the accident is still under investigation.

Carlin: Talk about a miracle! A motorist in Ohio that was traveling east on Old Troy Pike pulled in front of a tanker truck that was heading north on Ohio 235. The truck was unable to avoid the car and it slammed into it. The Honda was ripped apart sending half of the vehicle skidding into the middle of the highway and the other half to the grassy shoulder. Believe it or not but the motorist only suffered non-life threatening injuries and the driver of the tanker truck was not hurt. The accident is still under investigation.

Isela: A woman in Idaho is now facing felony charges for domestic battery inflicting traumatic injury. So, let me explain. Police received a call from a gentleman who claimed a woman was throwing rocks at his vehicle, but when police arrived at the scene they discovered a different man standing in the trucking yard half naked in below zero weather screaming in pain. He explained to officers he was asleep in the sleeper berth of Crystal Allery when she tried to drive her truck while under the influence of alcohol and he refused to let her get behind the wheel. She sprayed the man on the head and shoulders with bear spray. She then fled the scene and was later found by officers at a nearby truck stop where she claimed the gentleman tried to strangle her. Officers found no signs of such so she was arrested and went for a ride only to get booked into the Bonneville County Jail and now she has a $10 thousand dollar bond.

Carlin: We’ve been told vegetables are very important for many reasons, but I don’t think these veggies were what they meant. A shipment of broccoli coming from Mexico was sent for secondary inspection when agents discovered 64 packages weighing 421 pounds over $8 million worth of methamphetamine. The drugs were discovered at Pharr International Bridge cargo Facility In Pharr,Texas. But thanks to High tech equipment such as an X-ray system and the team-work of officers made sure that shipment was not crossing the border. Good looking out!

Isela: I love hearing about women who join the industry and succeed. But also shares her story to help other women. Katrina Dailey a young single mom of 3 not only joined the trucking industry in 2016 she has now owns her own trucking company and driving academy that is launching a non-profit aimed to providing more opportunities for single moms to join industry. Dailey is the founder of Legacy Truck Driving Academy and the non-profit HER legacy, NC, launches in August on Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount. The resources offered are, connecting drivers with childcare centers, for working single mothers with children who are 17 years and younger and for moms who complete their training will receive an 8-5 job at her company. She hopes to change the negative perceptions that women might have about the trucking industry and prove that it is a successful career path for moms. One of her first students a single mom of four that worked long hours at a convenience store has jumped on the opportunity and is ready to be able to take trips and vacations.

Carlin: While on the road a truck driver found as he described a “well loved photograph”. Based on the picture it likely means something to someone. The trucker took to Reddit to search for the owner of the picture. Take a look and if you happen to know the owner of the photograph let them know the picture was found at the Lenova, Whitsett NC and it was left with shipping.

That does it for today’s update!

Tune in tomorrow for all the trucking news you need!

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