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Megan Cullingford Hicks is The Trucker Media Group General Manager. She started at Trucker's Connection magazine after graduating from college with a degree in communications, thinking she would do this until "something better came along." Nothing did, and over the next quarter of a century, Megan rose from assistant editor to editor and then to general manager with an array of duties ranging from writing her monthly column Viewpoint to penning various feature articles to general operations, business development, and digital implementation, thus gaining her the unofficial title “ringmaster.”

Viewpoint – The Art of Losing

The Art of Losing Young adults today (millennials) grew up in an “everyone gets a trophy” society; one most agree is absurdly useless. How can you ever appreciate winning if you never lose? How can you know what to work harder on if you never come up short? I’m a competitive person. A really competitive person. I actually thought I hid this fairly well but…apparently not. As my friends are apt to point out. So I like to win, I do. And when I had a son, I knew he’d be an athlete. I hoped he’d be a good one but...

Viewpoint – Broke My Streak!

For years, I was able to boast that I’d never broken a bone. This was either a product of being a milk fan, from having genetically-blessed bones, or from being a general chicken when it comes to anything adventurous. I like my body in one piece, thanks so much. Although I do snow ski and that’s been proven to be fairly dangerous from time to time (see: Sonny Bono). But again, referencing my overly-cautious nature, I haven’t even had any issues there. A few tumbles but no tree engagement. A few years back, it was a particularly bad snow year...

Viewpoint – Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty

Published courtesy of Truckers Connection. Have you ever heard the phrase “Misery loves company?” Boy, is that ever true! It’s crazy how negativity can escalate in a group if you let it, how easy it is to get swept up in the less-than-stellar aspects of a situation rather than realize that you’re choosing to drown in the bad rather than focusing on the good. Because rarely –if ever—is any situation 100% bad. But what you choose to focus on makes all the difference. If you’re on Facebook, you might be familiar with groups that you can join to interact with like-minded folks out...