Nevada Trucking Industry

Nevada Highway
There is money to be made in the Nevada trucking industry, and it doesn’t mean you need to pull into Vegas and double-down with your rig as collateral! Nevada is growing, and it’s growing fast. Two new professional sports teams and likely more on the way are one sign of burgeoning economy, and with legal gambling, this state has long been a tourist haven. In fact, a lot of the growth is probably based on the number of tourists who can’t find bus fare home after a night on the town! And you likely won’t be surprised that the state’s top three exports relate directly to the gambling industry — gold, slot machine-type devices, and the circuits that help keep slot machines honest! Imagine the prestige you’ll feel hauling a load of gold to… well to wherever gold is hauled! And if crowded cities aren’t for you, Nevada offer the best of both worlds — a desert containing cities in the south and mountains, trout fishing, and all the space you might want in the north. If you like what Nevada has to offer, just know it is not a pocketful of tokens or poker chips!

Geographic Advantages
Nevada’s proximity to the west coast, including the ports of California, Oregon, and Washington make it an ideal location for manufacturing of products to be shipped overseas, as well as to Canada and Mexico.

Bordering State/Countries
Nevada is bordered by California to the west, Oregon and Idaho to the north, and Arizona and Utah to the east.

Products Moved by Trucks
Whether they are exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for use in-state, according to the latest data from World’s Top Exports, the following are the primary products moved by truck drivers and offering truck driving jobs to those calling Nevada home:

  1. Gold (unwrought)
  2. Games operated by token/coin/credit card
  3. Integrated circuits (excluding processors/controllers)
  4. Copper ores, concentrates
  5. Diamonds (unmounted)
  6. Miscellaneous coins
  7. Integrated circuits (processors/controllers)
  8. Computer parts and accessories
  9. Aircraft including engines, parts
  10. Cell phones

Nevada’s Highways
Nevada contains interstates providing access in all directions. These interstates consist of 1,000 miles, while Nevada’s public roadway system totals 101,000 lane-miles. Interstates within Nevada are as follows:

I-11 from Arizona state line at Lake Mead to Henderson
I-15 from California state line at Primm to Arizona state line at Mesquite
I-80 from California state line at Verdi to Utah state line at West Wendover

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