CDL Premium Corporate puts lengthy CDL exam study guides in rearview mirror, allows fleet managers to monitor progress of new hires


As a fleet manager, there’s plenty to occupy your time. While you may be focused on updating equipment that is long overdue or perhaps working alongside your safety manager to prepare for a safety inspection, your recruiting manager has a new group of soon-to-be drivers who are preparing to take their CDL test.

It is essential that these new hires pass the written exam portion of the CDL licensing process so they can quickly get behind the wheel and on their way to the road, helping to make your company successful.

Typically, CDL students who choose not to attend a CDL school are left to their own devices to study for the exam. However, that’s always a risk for a fleet owner, as there’s no way to track the progress or accountability of the student. This also leaves the possibility for a failed test — the last thing a fleet owner wants to see out of a new recruit.

That’s where CDL Premium Corporate ( enters the picture — and just might save the day. The days of students tackling a 100+ page study guide to prepare for the CDL test are in the rear-view mirror. CDL Premium Corporate allows fleet managers to track recruits’ progress, with in-depth analysis of their experiences through the program.

CDL Premium Corporate

How does it work?

It is quite simple. Modeled after a typical online class, CDL Premium Corporate offers a unique, well-organized and concise experience for non-CDL new hires. The program features more than 1,000 questions that are based on official CDL manuals from the states in which each student will be testing. This allows students to practice real-life exams, while fleet owners have tracking abilities that mimic those of an online instructor.

What is the administrative benefit of the program?

Simply put, the program can get your new recruits on the road to their CDL faster by providing an easy, user-friendly experience, while you as an administrator can check in with your recruits as you see their progress decline or increase. CDL Premium Corporate allows you to easily adjust the quantity of seats in the program, and you can modify and reassign them as needed. Perhaps another of your locations has a new recruiting class coming on board. No problem. The students who have completed the program and passed their exam can be removed, and other students can be added.

For students, this program provides the assurance needed to instill confidence as they pursue their CDL. There’s no need for test anxiety when you’re fully prepared. There’s also the opportunity for you to display a great company culture as you monitor your students’ progress and provide assistance when you notice a student is struggling, or to offer a “well done” when a student appears to be performing well in the program.

The easy-to-navigate dashboard offers an overview of the students’ progress. You can view the class as a whole, but you can also narrow your focus to one specific student.

Will it be successful for my recruits?

Success is the No. 1 most importance aspect of training program, and CDL Premium Corporate rises to the challenge with a 95.2% pass rate for its participants. To make things even better, the self-guided and self-paced program allows for minimal impact on a recruit’s current job and family responsibilities.

What else is included in this package?

Although CDL Premium Corporate offers Class A, B and C CDL training, there’s more to the program. If a state has a specific requirement (for example, Texas), those practice exams are covered as well. In addition, all nine endorsements are covered in the program.

CDL Premium Corporate offers:

  • General Knowledge
  • Air Brakes
  • HazMat
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Combination Vehicles
  • School Bus
  • Doubles/Triples
  • Tankers
  • Pre-Trip Inspection

As online degrees and certificates become more common, why shouldn’t your company take advantage of a similar atmosphere? To schedule a demo of this unique, helpful and proven program, click here.

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