US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announces resignation effective Jan. 11

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announces resignation effective Jan. 11
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao participates in ‘Infrastructure Week’ at Department Headquarters in Washington. (Courtesy: U.S. DOT)

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced today (Jan. 7) that she is resigning from her post as the head of the nation’s Department of Transportation effective Monday, Jan. 11.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Chao cited yesterday’s incident at the U.S. Capitol, where pro-Trump protestors stormed the building, as her reason for the resignation.

“Yesterday, our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the president stormed the Capitol building following a rally he addressed. As I’m sure is the case with many of you, it has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside,” the statement read.

The statement continued, stating that the department will help the announced successor, Pete Buttigieg, “with taking on the responsibility of running this wonderful department.”

Chao is one of the Cabinet members who has served the entire four years of the Trump administration. She is in her second stint as a member of a presidential Cabinet, having served as Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush, and was the only member of the Cabinet to serve for the entirety of Bush’s term. She was the first Asian-American woman to be appointed to a presidential Cabinet in American history.

Chao is the highest-ranking member of the Trump administration yet to resign following the violence at the Capitol. Other members of the administration who have resigned since the incident at the capitol include Stephanie Grisham, chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump; Sarah Matthews, a deputy press secretary; and Matt Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser.

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Now if we could only get her worthless Senator husband to resign then they could both move to China and happy little communists.

I am happy to see these back stabbing rat’s jumping early. It only tells me that they were working for themselves and not the citizens of this nation. This woman and her husband are swamp dwellers. I have no respect for either of them. I’d vote for Donald J. Trump anytime and everything he wants to run.
Fraud may win a title, Mr. Biden, but respect and honor is given, never taken. Mr. Biden you will never be my President. I will never give you that honor or respect. A pox on those who failed to give us election integrity.

Looks Like A Lot Of CCP Spy’s Are Leaving. Brought in by the Bush’s, and now there all resigning. They see the writing on the wall for them ALL,,,