McDonald’s serves truckers with drive-thru alternative

McDonalds loves truckers
McDonalds loves truckers

WASHINGTON – McDonald’s received a special shoutout from Vice President Mike Pence during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press conference Tuesday afternoon, March 24.

“We’ve seen industries really stepping up,” Pence said. “We’ve heard that McDonald’s is now offering curbside delivery to truckers who are unable to use the drive-thru.”

Yes, indeed. McDonald’s recently announced that it will be serving truckers by promoting mobile ordering and providing a designated place for them to receive their food.

“We realize that you can’t bring your rig through the drive-thru, and for safety reasons, we cannot accept walk-up orders at the drive-thru window,” said Bill Garrett, senior vice president of operations for McDonald’s USA.

These quick steps can get truckers on the way to ordering from their trucks at McDonald’s:

After arriving at a McDonald’s restaurant, use McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app; then select “curbside service” and walk to the designated “Trucker” curbside sign on the sidewalk outside the designated door. Finally, complete the order by entering the appropriate Trucker curbside number. A McDonald’s employee will bring the order to the designated door as soon as it’s ready.

“Thank you again for all you’re doing during this uncertain time,” Garrett said in the company’s news release. “Know that we’re doing everything we can to be there for you as long as we can. We’re in this together.”

For more information about the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, click here.


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