Hey everyone! It’s time for your Monday Daily Trucker News Update!

We have a lot of news to cover today, including:

  • The new deadline to get those real ID’s
  • The decision from a US Court of Appeals on California’s AB-5
  • And we share the winner of Women in Trucking’s Driver of the Year!

So, let’s get trucking!

Carlin: The Senate Republicans have released their response to President Biden’s 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan – with a plan costing almost 570 billion dollars. While neither proposal is anywhere close to being accepted, it’s seen as a starting point to negotiations. The Republican’s plan has 5-hundred-68 billion to invest in infrastructure over 5 years… It breaks down like this:

  • 299 billion for roads and bridges
  • 61 billion for public transit
  • 20 billion for rail
  • 13 billion for safety
  • 35 billion for drinking and waste water infrastructure
  • 17 billion for inland waterways and ports
  • 44 billion for airports
  • 65 billion for broadband
  • And 14 billion for water storage

Britnee: It looks like the Department of Homeland Security will be giving everyone some more time to get those real ID’s. The department moved the deadline from October 1 of this year to May 3, 2023 – a 19-month extension. The reason – the covid-19 pandemic. According to DHS, the pandemic has made it difficult for many agencies to operate at full capacity – slowing the process to get the new ID, which is needed for airport security and federal facility admittance. Despite the issues facing agencies, nearly all state-issued driver’s licenses are now real ID compliant.

Carlin: California’s controversial AB-5 can now be enforced. The injunction stopping the bill was overturned by a 3-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals in a 2 to 1 vote. The main concern of the bill, which looked to clarify if a contractor is truly a contractor or an employee by using an ABC test, was if it was preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act. With the injunction being overturned, the bill will be enforced, but it’s unclear how that’s going to look for trucking companies who employ contract drivers.

Britnee: We have another recall to tell you about, this time for dry van trailers. Utility trailer is recalling almost 3000 trailers, model year 2006 to 2021 VS2DC, VS2DX, and VS3DX dry van trailers. According to the NHTSA, the well that attaches the mild steel angle to the slider rail for super doubles/pintle hook may be missing Without it, it may detach from the trailer. Utility will let owners know and fix the weld, free of charge. The company recall number is SB-07-015 and the NHTSA number is 21V-243.

Carlin: The Outrageous American Truck Show or OATS scheduled for July 8 through the 11 in Ohio has been canceled. According to show organizers, the cancellation was due to Ohio’s order to limit most indoor events to 25-percent capacity. Anyone who bought a ticket for the pre-sell price of 99-dollars will receive a full refund soon.

Britnee: Women in Trucking has announced the winner of their second annual Driver of the year award. A huge congrats to Nikki Weaver, a company driver for FedEx Freight has been driving for more than 20 years – and has over 2 million accident-free miles and zero moving violations!

That does it for today’s update!

Tune in tomorrow for all the trucking news you need!

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