Melton Truck Lines

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Melton Truck Lines
Providing the Best-Maintained Tractors on the Road

Melton is one of the nation’s leading flatbed trucking companies with a large, growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment running 48 US states, Canada, and Mexico. For more than 65 years, Melton has built a reputation of excellence in the trucking industry.

We are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade our driver’s experience on the road and often survey drivers on what we can improve. We aim to hire the best truckers by offering top pay and benefits, tuition reimbursement programs, and sign on promotions, free on-site clinics and dentists, 24/7 driver help desk, rider and pet programs, and much more.

If you’re interested in the challenge of being a flatbedder but don’t have any experience, no worries! We have invested lots of time and resources to develop the best training team around. Our trainers have extensive OTR and Melton driving experience to deliver the training you need and deserve.

If you want to drive for a company that respects their drivers and takes personal interest in their well-being, I think you will find Melton a good fit for you and your family. Please give our recruiting experts a call to talk about what you’re looking for in your next driving position and I hope to see you out on the road in a big blue Melton truck soon.

Melton Driver Home Time Policy

Melton has listened to our drivers and recently changed our home time policy to help ensure you get by the house for those important family functions and appointments. The basics of our home time policy are as follows:

  • Drivers that live in the dark green zone are out 12-14 days at a time. Drivers that live in the light green zone are out about 21 days at a time.
  • You collect one 24-hour period (day) for every 7 days you are out.
  • Your home time never expires! Bank your home time if you do not want to use it as you collect it.
  • You can stop by the house without using any of your home time if you’re within 75 miles and can deliver your load on time.
  • You are guaranteed home on Christmas Day!

In addition, Melton now offers unlimited domicile changes for our drivers!! *Some restrictions do apply. We understand that our drivers have family and friends that live within some of our frequent travels lanes and that on occasion it would be nice to go to their place for home time.

Your Career Path with Melton

At Melton, we love our drivers and want to make sure that they can grow their career and expand their skills just like any other employee at our company. Below are a few programs and paths our drivers can choose to apply to.

SWAT – Safe Work Advisory Team

The SWAT team reports any unsafe working conditions at shippers and consignees. Management then investigates the issue and Sales addresses it with the customer. We want to keep our driver’s work environments safe even when it is out of our hands. We’ve found the best way to do that is to get feedback on what our drivers experience daily with our customers.

Safety Trainer

Melton’s safety trainers are well qualified drivers that are charged with helping us look out for possible DOT violations with any of our other trucks/drivers on the road. These violations are typically load securement issues and once reported give us the opportunity for corrective training with the reported driver. They are required to have a certain number of encounters with other Melton drivers and file a report with the safety group of their findings, the majority which are positive and without issue.

Road Trainer

Our road trainers instruct and coach new drivers on load securement, fuel conservation, compliance, Smith On-Road Training System, and safe driving while OTR. Their responsibilities include weekly performance reviews with the trainee, coordinating truck assignment, and mentoring the trainee post-truck assignment. Road trainers may also be asked to assist with road tests, integrity interviews, teaching safety classes, and other orientation related responsibilities as necessary.

Road Recruiter

Road Recruiters are the front line when it comes to bringing in quality drivers to Melton. Their first-hand accounts of life on the road at Melton help educate our future drivers and make this program successful. Anyone can provide a driver referral and receive a bonus, but Road Recruiters are given additional tools to make recruiting drivers easier. If you enjoy talking to other drivers and are looking for some extra money, Melton has you covered.

Maintenance, Safety, & Operations

Sometimes opportunities arise in other departments that we’ve found our drivers to be very successful in. Several of our driver managers, orientation supervisors, terminal managers, and safety personnel were drivers before they had these positions.