Looks as though there’s a lot of trucks without ELDs


Hours of Service issues continued to rank high on the list of out-of-service violations. There were 6,565 drivers put OOS for no driver record-of-duty status. (Courtesy: OMNITRACS)

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WASHINGTON — If the latest data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is any indication, there were a good number of trucks without a proper electronic logging device operating on the nation’s highways the first three months of calendar-year 2018.

The agency’s analysis and information online division said that between January 1 and March 31, there were 32,621 violations for violation code 395.22A, which reads “operating with a (ELD) device that is not rot registered with FMCSA.”

“The 32,621 violations for violation code 395.22A, divided by 252,877, which is the total number of violations, equals 12.9 percent.  That is the percentage of violations that were “no ELD” violations.

“The metric FMCSA uses to measure compliance rates is the number of driver inspections with a no ELD violations — in this case, there were 32,819 driver inspections with at least one 395.22A violation, divided by the total number of driver inspections, 796,827, through March 20, which produces 4.1 percent of the driver inspections recording a violation of 395.22A.

“In other words, 95.9 percent of the drivers on the road were compliant with the HOS recordkeeping requirements at this point,” says FMCSA.

Although drivers were not supposed to be put out-of-service for such a violation until April 1, 20 drivers were put OOS for that violation, likely because the law enforcement officer making the stop chose to either ignore the April 1 date or the inspection/violation was so egregious that the officer chose to ignore the “soft enforcement” timetable.

Hours of Service issues continued to rank high on the list of OOS violations.

There were 6,565 drivers put OOS for no driver record-of-duty status, 5,336 drivers put OOS for having a false report of record-of-duty status and 3,676 drivers put OOS for failing to retain logs on the previous seven days.

Ranking second in total OOS violations, 8,009 drivers were put OOS for operating a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL.

There was a total of 39,229 total OOS violations the first three months.

For a complete list of driver violations and OOS orders visit https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SafetyProgram/spViolation.aspx?rpt=RDDV.

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