Dana expands Spicer Select offering


MAUMEE, Ohio — Dana Inc., has expanded its Spicer Select all-makes drivetrain portfolio to include the most popular u-joints for commercial-vehicle applications while also adding new u-joint strap kits.

With the addition of the strap kits, the Spicer Select offering provides a complete u-joint replacement package for a significant portion of over-the-road and vocational applications, according to Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Driveline Technologies and Aftermarket.

“The expansion of the Spicer Select portfolio allows aftermarket distributors to better address the needs of customers with aging vehicles by offering replacement parts designed specifically for them,” Wallace said. “When installing a new u-joint, Dana recommends replacing the supporting hardware to ensure safety and maximum durability. The addition of the strap kits for the Spicer Select product line enables distributors to offer a complete replacement kit for customers.”

Available through traditional aftermarket channels, Wallace said Spicer Select offers a practical replacement alternative for aging vehicles.

Spicer Select drivetrain products are Dana-engineered and -tested aftermarket products manufactured by a network of carefully selected partners. The comprehensive development and manufacturing process ensures that products provide proper fit, function, and reliable performance, he said.

Dana’s Spicer Select u-joint and strap kit replacement offerings cover the following driveshaft series:

  • Spicer 1710/1760 Series
  • Spicer 1810 Series
  • Spicer 1610 Series (u-joints only)

Additionally, Spicer Select strap kits are available for Spicer SPL170 and SPL250 driveshafts.

Spicer Select drivetrain products are backed by a comprehensive warranty and supported by Dana’s dedicated aftermarket team.

For program information, visit www.SpicerParts.com/SpicerSelect. For part numbers, ordering, and availability, visit www.DanaAftermarket.com.

Addressing the needs of the light-vehicle aftermarket, Dana will announce Spicer Select for light-vehicle applications with the launch of u-joints, center bearings, and yokes beginning in early 2019.

For product information, visit www.SpicerParts.com. For e- catalog and parts locator, visit www.DanaAftermarket.com. To speak with a Dana customer service representative, call 800- 621-8084.




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