PeopleNet continues evolution of video intelligence with debut of next-generation side cameras


MINNEAPOLIS — PeopleNet, a Trimble company and provider of fleet mobility technology, has released its latest enhancement to its video intelligence solution — the next generation MirrorCam, a hood-mounted, OEM-style spot mirror with built-in camera that provides both drivers and back-office fleet personnel with additional perspective of a truck’s blind spots.

“The debut of the second generation MirrorCam represents the continued evolution of our vision to improve fleet safety with the video intelligence platform,” said Jim Angel, vice president, video intelligence solutions for PeopleNet. “We are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance our technology to give customers the tools they need to protect themselves in the event of an accident and potentially avoid one in the first place.”

The MirrorCam marks the latest innovation for PeopleNet’s video intelligence solution, which utilizes forward, side and rear-facing cameras usable to create a 360-degree view around the cab and trailer of the truck.

The MirrorCam provides a 75-degree field of view of passing lanes and blind spots for drivers when connected to a PeopleNet display.

Video captured by the MirrorCam can also be viewed by a fleet’s back office, giving visibility into onboard event recording-triggered events and providing additional context in the event of an accident.

In addition to its wide field of view, the MirrorCam’s aerodynamic design helps to ensure high-quality video capture by shielding the camera from direct sunlight and vehicle headlights as well as reducing dirt or contaminants from depositing on the mirror glass.

The announcement of the new video intelligence MirrorCam was made at NPTC 2018, held from April 29-May 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Angel said PeopleNet provides solutions to help fleets improve safety and compliance and reduce costs and its network communications, mobility and analytics products are used by more than 2,000 truckload, LTL private, and energy services fleets throughout North America. PeopleNet was established in 1994.




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