Springtime is reminder of Christ’s promise of renewal

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Springtime is reminder of Christ’s promise of renewal

Spring is officially here. Warmer weather makes everyone want to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and watch all the flowers and trees come back to life.

Everything was dormant over the winter. It was almost as if life had stopped for a rest. Now it has reopened to a renewed state and life is flowing through each blade of grass, each flower and tree. The colors of spring are emerging.

We are about to finish the Lenten season. I feel this was the “winter” in the life of Christ. He dealt with the pain of suffering and death; then death was his “dormant” stage until he rose from the grave. That resurrection was his spring — his renewal of life.

Death could not keep him confined to the tomb. When Christ arose on that glorious morning, he became as spring is to the things on earth that we watch come back to life. The only difference is that his is an eternal life — not a yearly renewal.

We celebrate Easter each year to remind us of what Christ did for mankind. Just as we watch and wait for spring to arrive, we also watch and celebrate the resurrection of Christ each year. It is our reminder that we will one day celebrate eternal life with Christ. We often forget that, through his death and resurrection, he opened Heaven’s gate for us. Can you imagine what it would be like if all we had was a forever winter? There would be endless cold, a drab look of death all around, nothing flourishing, no green trees, no colorful flowers and no warmth.

God knew mankind needed spring to feel the completion of a growing life. How many of us have planted a seed or bulb and watched with anticipation for that first sprout to burst through? The watching and waiting were our Lenten season; that seed was dormant, and all we could do was keep it watered and wait for it to peek through the dirt.

Lent is a time for us as Christians to “water” our lives, a time of reflection and a time for spiritual renewal. Some people give up certain things during Lent as a reminder of what’s ahead at Easter. But I say, instead of just giving up things, why not add things to our daily routine? Add just an extra few minute of prayer, or do something extra for someone for no special reason. Or how about doing something extra special just for you? With our busy lives, we often forget about ourselves and fail to see that we also need to be pampered. Christ took care of himself with quiet time, rest and prayer.

Easter isn’t all about fancy clothes, Easter baskets or rabbits. Easter is about rejuvenation. Easter is about an awakening of our
spiritual life. Spring shows us that by blossoming and blooming.

When Christ rose from the tomb, he showed us what eternal life is going to be like. Eternal life will be our forever spring — not just a passing season but forever. Now is the time, or season, for us as humans to prepare for our eternal spring. Our life here on earth is like the winter season before the spring arrives. Let’s celebrate this spring — this Easter — by giving praises to Christ for all he has blessed us with.

Take a minute to explore that Easter basket and take notice of those colorful painted eggs. Do you realize what those eggs represent? Look again, and you’ll see that the eggshell represents the closed tomb that held Christ. Now, crack it open — just as the stone was rolled back from the tomb. Once you peel off the shell, you see the white of the egg. That to me represents the linens that were wrapped around Christ’s body. Now, remove the white part of the egg, and you see the yellow yolk. That’s Christ eternal; that round yoke has no beginning and no end. The yellow is the brightness of the son. Christ gives us eternal, never-ending life. The tomb is open. The linens are there. And the son has risen. Now we can celebrate Easter and spring, and know he is risen.

Happy spring and happy Easter!

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus,

Rev. Marilou Coins

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