Cat Scale Rig of the Week | Blake & Barbie

There’s nothing funny about this week’s CAT Scale Rig of the Week despite its slightly silly name. Owners Blake and Barbie of Austin, Texas, bought this truck — dubbed Looney Tune after the Warner Bros cartoons — about four years ago. The pair had given up trucking about six months prior after being on the road for 10 years. The Looney Tune is a 2001 Peterbilt 379E and is pretty much stock, with a few exceptions like the dash and some upgraded lights.

Blake said this rig used to be an everyday truck, but now it’s used sparingly. The couple’s two other bobtails are mainly used for their business. The truck has a white base with purple stripes and orange accents. Blake said the colors weren’t his favorite originally, but the colors grew on him eventually. As for the name, Blake said it comes from some local wildlife that frequently visits the truck.

“There’s a roadrunner that comes up to [the truck] all the time and it stares at the bumper,” Blake said. “It kills lizards and brings them and it thinks that the reflection is its friend. My mom always called me road runner, too, but instead of naming the truck road runner, we decided the name it Looney Tune since the colors are sort of cartoon-like.”

Looney Tune, Blake and Barbie can be found on Instagram as @thebigrigblake and @thebigrigbarbie.

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