Ohio cops release attack dog on trucker after he surrenders following pursuit

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Ohio cops release attack dog on trucker after he surrenders following pursuit
Truck driver Jadarrius Rose, 23 is handcuffed by an Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) officer as a police dog is held back after Rose was attacked by the animal during a traffic stop south of Columbus, Ohio, U.S. July 4, 2023 in a still image from police body camera video. Ohio State Highway Patrol/Handout via REUTERS

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio– Police in Ohio unleashed a canine on a truck driver who had exited his rig with his hands raised after a traffic stop earlier this month, according to officials.

The incident unfolded on July 4 after law enforcement officers engaged in the lengthy pursuit of a tractor-trailer driven by 23-year-old Jadarrius Rose. The vehicle was missing a mud flap and it had failed to stop for an inspection, a report from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) said.

It came to a halt on a state highway about 40 miles south of Columbus after authorities deployed tire deflation devices, known as “stop sticks,” for a second time.

In a video provided by the highway patrol, Rose is seen standing in front of the vehicle with his hands raised as law enforcement officials order him to get on the ground.

Moments later, an officer with the Circleville Police Department unleashed a police dog on Rose even though a state trooper told the local officer not to release the dog.

“Do not release the dog — with his hands up,” the trooper can be heard shouting on the video.

The video shows the dog running towards Rose, now on his knees, and video appears to show the canine biting and pulling the driver. Rose screams loudly and can be heard saying, “please get it off.”

“As troopers were attempting to gain compliance by providing verbal commands to the suspect, Circleville Police Department deployed their canine, which resulted in the suspect being bitten by the canine,” the highway patrol said in a statement.

Circleville police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Circleville Public Safety Director Douglas Debord told local media the city is currently reviewing the incident involving the police K9 unit.

The highway patrol said the driver was “immediately” provided first aid and emergency medical personnel were contacted to assist. Rose was subsequently taken into custody, OSHP said, adding the case remains under investigation.

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Should have done his pre trip better and dealt with the issue. The younger drivers are lazy and do not care about safety of any sort. Actually, most drivers out there don’t care about anything, or anyone but themselves anymore. I’m glad I am not on the road anymore. No more enjoyment out there any more.

Always someone wants to take pleasure in another person situation How be it surely could have been handled better on both sides Let’s work together

Realistically, there’s no way that local canine handler could hear the trooper! The canine handler had his dog barking and was yelling commands at the person driving the tractor trailer (I wouldn’t called him a truck driver because truck drivers don’t run from the police and risk all of those lives) not to mention the state police officer is not in charge of the Circleville Ohio police department. Originally I thought the bite was excessive, but we didn’t see it through the canine handler’s eyes and if you break the video down, it is clear the canine handler gave the dude several orders and warnings before letting the dog go. And after watching the whole video listen to the way that dude treated the OSP whom was helping him.

It was an embarrassing situation on the police department. The
man was down on the ground obeying orders and this coward fool sic the dog on him. He need to be fired quick, fast and in a hurry. Now that city is facing a lawsuit and the driver will be walking away a rich man. GREAT

Gross abuse of power. Zero reason for the dog to attack an individual on the ground and hands up. Honestly looks like a racially motivated attack by the dog handler. Should the individual be in legal trouble for the police chase? Absolutely! Permanent suspension of his class A. Should the dog handler be fired for excessive force of a K9? Absolutely! This wasn’t a foot chase and the dog needed to apprehend a criminal suspect. Excessive force used by the police officer that commanded the dog. Proof? The other police officer said “Don’t release the dog”. If that individual could see no reason for it. The dog handler should have known better.

Here is a lesson well learned because when you take police on a chase ,everybody is in danger and it never ends well. To begin with ,as a commercial driver ,drivers and companies and FM ‘s have not gotten the message that this year there is a huge major crackdown on inspections , weekly and in every state. If you have a violation you have to demand to have it fixed ,period. I have a minor mechanical violation that prevented me from a much needed re hire recently. The dog , not much ,you could easily get shot ,just watch the chase videos ,that;s a no no folks ,at the very least , pull over immediately.